Six teens found dead after garden party in Germany


FRANKFURT AM MAIN: Six teenagers were found dead Sunday after holding a party in a garden shed, authorities said, who suggested carbon monoxide poisoning may have been the cause. Five men and a woman, all aged 18 to 19, were found by the owner of the shed, whose son and daughter were among the victims.The father made the grim discovery on Sunday morning after wondering why his children hadn’t come home from their party the night before, police in Unterfranken said in a statement. “It remains unclear what led to the death of the six people, but police said there were no indications of any violent crime,” said the police. The possibility that the six died of carbon monoxide poisoning is among the lines of inquiry, as there was a wood-burning stove in the shed. The six youths had turned the stove on for heat, so “it is a possibility, but there are others,” local police spokesman Bjorn Schmitt told the Bild newspaper. He added that upcoming autopsies should provide more information on the cause of death.



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