• Six more years of PNoy? No way!


    President Aquino on Wednesday finally admitted that he is open for a second term if his “bosses” will it.

    In an exclusive interview with TV 5, Pnoy said he is amenable to the extension of his term and amending the Constitution, which he feels has given so much power to the Supreme Court.

    The President, however, reiterated that only when his “bosses” want him to continue to serve them beyond his term of office in 2016 as specified in the 1987 constitution will he extend his term.

    But Liberal Party Spokesperson Ben Evardone said the President’s pronouncement is a signal for their party to initiate at once Pnoy’s wishes for reelection and rewrite the constitution.

    Evardone explained that they could amend the Constitution in two ways, through people’s initiative or constituent assembly, but the latter is quicker because it calls for the mere filing of a resolution in Congress.

    Once the Constitution is open for revisions, both houses of Congress can now change the term limits of the President and Vice- President, including the other elective posts both in the local and national positions.

    Political Analysts Dr. Antonio Cofnntreras said the issue to extend the term of the President and amending the 1987 constitution may divide the nation once more.

    Contreras believes Pnoy no longer has the support of the majority of the people as seen in the result of the latest Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey wherein his approval rating dropped to a lowt 29 percent from 49 in March.

    Bayan Muna Rep. Carlos Zarate, on the other hand, said Pnoy’s ambition of remaining in office beyond 2016 will definitely court danger and may bring chaos.

    I really do not understand where Pnoy is getting the idea that the people, or what he calls his “bosses,” still want him in power despite his inefficiency and vindictiveness as a leader of the nation.

    “Saan po kayo kumukha ng kapal ng mukha, Ginoong Pangulo”?

    * * *

    When right goes wrong

    Authorities on Tuesday finally nabbed wanted Army Gen. Jovito Palparan in Manila who had gone into hiding for over two years to escape charges of murder and human rights violations.

    The former military two star general, however, claims he went into hiding for fear of his life after receiving reports that the New People’s Army (NPA) is after him.

    Palparan, a known communist insurgency buster of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), is accused in the disappearance of two female University of the Philippines (UP) students some years back, and dozens of human rights violations against those suspected to be members or sympathizers of the NPA.

    Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin said Palparan was a good commander and an asset to the AFP in its fight against communist insurgents in the countryside.

    Palparan, as a ranking military officer, understandably has a mandate to defend the country and its people from the enemies of the state both foreign and local.

    However, the former Philippine Army division commander for some reason probably thought the mandate was a blanket authority to neutralize the enemies his way – through abductions and killings of suspected rebels and insurgents.

    The former bemedaled officer, now tagged as Berdugo, may have accomplished his mission by limiting the insurgency in the hinterlands. However, he did it contrary to the training and doctrine of the organization he once belonged to.

    He was grossly wrong when he started to believe that people in the countryside are in cahoots with the enemies, and violated each individual’s freedom to live free from harm.



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    1. No more additional term for this incompetent president. Perhaps a life time impresonment for the crime he committed against the filipino people.

    2. Yes…let’s have cha-cha! Pinoy can chacha his way out of office! He can dance his way out of the Palace…good luck B.S. Your fifteen minutes are up!
      If I were really your boss, I would have fired you two years ago.

    3. both PNoy and Abad realised that once PNoy’s term ends ,they will be facing criminal charges pertaining to DAP whatnot.boy ! both will be then languishing in jails together with Bong,Jinggoy .as for JPE i believe latest end of April 2015 he will be gone forever!

    4. in my opinion, it’s about time change or amend the 1987 constitution

      1. Economic provision – drafters of 1987 constitution had never anticipated that someday commerce and trade will be globalize and liberalize.

      2. change from presidential to federal form of gov’t. – federal is the most ideal and comfortable form of gov’t for a country that has different culture, belief and tradition. and MAYBE w/ this form our muslim brothers will finally settle for PEACE.

      3. term limit, qualification and prohibition of political dynasty – the drafters should specifically state in the constitution the term limit, qualification of the candidate aspiring for an office from brgy councilor up to the president and the mechanics in order to stop political dynasty.

      4. 2 party system only – the constitution will specifically state the name of the political party and this will be funded by the state. bahala na ang leadership ng political parties nato on how to discipline their members.

      5. abolish partylist representation – our partylist system is mas mabaho pa sa amoy ng na aagnas na bangkay. partylist system was used by our corrupt politician as a backdoor for their political preservation. our partylist representatives represent no one but their interest only. sino ba ang mga andyan diba family din at mga elitista at mayayaman rin

      6. reduce the number of provinces in the philippines – number of phil region should only be the number of provinces. eto na yung states w/in the phil. para naman mabawasan ang pulitiko dito.

      7. proportionate senate representation per state – 2 senators each state regardless of land area or population.

      8. state legislature is unicameral only – para hindi madagdagan ang mga pulitiko

      9. each state should have their own police force

      sa hirit na term extension ni PNOY walang problema sa akin basta may election at dapat manalo sya sa election para matupad ang pangarap nyang term extension.bahala na ang mga boss nya kung ieextend pa…

    5. What? Another 6 years of incompetence again? Tama ang sabi ng mga international media commenting on Pnoys’ admin. An example only is on the handling of the Yolanda calamity. A big big blunder indeed. Lahat ng mga pangako nya pa sa SONA ay puro hangin lang. Rice sufficiency? sus, patuloy pa rin ang dagsa ng mga imported na bigas (pinag perahan pa sa smuggling). Ang totoo kasi ay buko sila! Nasarapan sila ( Drillon, Abad Pnoy ..et al) at adik na adik na kasi sila sa PORK! Mali at bobo daw ang Supreme Court. ha ha ha sino kayang mga bosses ang tinutukoy nitong ampaw na presidente. mga yellow tards, yellow artists, yellow media, yellow fanatics ?? well, count me out mr president, as one of your bosses, YOU ARE FIRED!!!

    6. I am leaning toward a public vote that offers two choices. Appoint Pnoy to President for 6 more years OR Remove Pnoy from office in 6 days.

    7. No way for second term, maawa naman sya sa taong bayan, sa Pilipinas. Come on give others a chance to lead the Philippines. And Filipino voters wag na kayong maging tanga sa pagboto, wag kayong padala sa emosyon at sa paiyak-iyak na yan ng mga Aquino. I really want to see Pnoy gets the consequences of his unlawful acts and arrogance.

    8. BS Aquino is the most incompetent and one of the most corrupt presidents we ever had. What he deserves in not another term as President, but a PRISON TERM for life!

      Just say NO to Cha Cha, No to tinkering our Constitution, and absolutely NO NO to allowing Abnoy to run again. We had enough of the shameless, corrupt Aquino and his gang of thieves!

    9. No way! Just manage the HLI (Hacienda Luisita Incorporated-family company) but funded by DAP funds! Iligal na pera mula sa government ang ginamit mo! Mr. Aquino you think the filipino people are really dumb enough to vote for you twice?

    10. “Saan po kayo kumukha ng kapal ng mukha, Ginoong Pangulo”?

      Sa NANINILAW na mga ngipin at mabaho’ng hininga gawa ng paninigarilyo, sa mga NANINILAW at luwa na mga mata – gawa nang NANINILAW na sakit na Jaundice – very obvious naman Mr. Tulfo na this sitting prez will take “NO” for and answer and will NOT back off for getting rebuked by the Magistrates – for their Illegal DAP – – -. DRILON, ABAD, PENOY plunder scheme.

    11. Kapal ng mukha mo Pnot, sa dami ng bilyones na PDAF /DAP mo hanggang ngayon dami pa ring mahirap na lalong naghihirap, sobrang taas ng bilihin, daming walang mahanap na trabaho, baha sa konting ulan, walang pagbabago ang economia, dahil sa OfW kaya may dollars tayo, corruption at iba pa.

    12. The president is very desperate now. He could not find a possible LP candidate as popular as Binay. Non LP presidential winner will put him in an ominous situation. Most likely he will be probed and held accountable for all his numerous illegal actions his office committed and perhaps suffer the same fate Gloria is in now. That could be the reason he is prodding his lackeys at congress to initiate charter change to pave the way for his second term. All his scandal tainted secretaries and allies are also of the same dilemma with the president.


      Six more years for abnoy? No way. Jail term for violating the constitution and
      destroying the independence of the judiciary? YES. Not only him but also his
      minions like abad, drilon, Belmonte and all these allies who squandered the
      peoples money. Go to jail you bitz.

    14. daniel marahomsar on

      bakit Erwin?…ano ba problema kung gawing 2 terms ang pangulo?…kung ang ating mamayan ay boboto sa pangalawang pagkakataon sa isang pangulo, me problema ba?..halimbawa si binay ay mananalo tapos tatakbo uli me problema ba? ang problema ay ang taong bayan na mga tanga at nababayaran lang nang isang latang sardinas..YUN ANG PROBLEMA!

      si Palparan naman ay nasa utak pa niya na siya ay nagtatrabaho noon bilang heneral panahon pa nang “martial law”…tsk..tsk..!

      • walang problema kung mananalo sia sa sunod na election. I think we are talking about changing the constitution so he can extend his term. Say for instance make the presidential term 10 years instead of 6, yon, yon ang extension na pinaguusapan. eh kung tatakbo sia, he has the right to run……and hide, or takbo ng takbo hanggang madapa, di ba?