• SK polls likely to be postponed


    THERE is a big chance that the Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) elections scheduled in October will not push through, according to Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

    Marcos said that there is a consensus from the national government and other concerned parties to postpone the SK polls until Congress is able to address issues hounding the youth council.

    Marcos, chair of the Senate Committee on Local Government, said that he will try to have the committee report finished and signed by the members of the panel this week and report it to the plenary by Monday.

    “We need to tackle the proposal immediately so that the Comelec (Commission on Elections) will know if there is a need for the poll body to prepare for the SK polls or not,” Marcos told reporters.

    Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes, in a separate interview, expressed no objection over the impending suspension of the SK election but he said that the commission will continue to prepare for the barangay and SK polls until Congress approves the proposal.

    According to Brillantes, the postponement of the youth council elections will help the Comelec determine if the barangay can function well even without the SK.

    The poll body said the SK should be abolished because it has failed to serve it purpose.

    But legislators are against the abolition of the said youth council.

    Marcos said the Constitution acknowledges the importance of the youth in nation building and the state should promote and protect their physical, moral, spiritual, intellectual, and social well-being.

    “Clearly, abolition will deprive the youth of their right to participate in nation building that is enshrined in our Constitution,” he added.

    Senate President Franklin Drilon admitted that the SK election postponement is one of the three priorities set to be tackled by the chamber before it adjourns on September 28.


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    1. I don’t think it’s fair to abolish SK because of corruption. Are you saying that youth of 15-17 are too young to learn corruption? Why? Is there a right age to learn corruption? If we will abolish SK because it teaches corruption to the elected youth representatives, we might as well abolish the whole congress because of corruption.

    2. Participate in the nation buliding,,,sure? What we witnessed is: youth being trained by the dynastic idiology, mustered to run in the office through the guidance of the veteran politician – a tool to make political maneuvers before, during and after election to attain win-win situation for the encumbents. Soon, they will become as worse politicians along with his clan to rule the locality forever. They are not part of the good governance, rather, a great supporter for strong dynasty in the philippine politics-a corruptor for the centuries. NO NEED TO PROMOTE SK IN OUR POLITICAL EXERCISE. WE MUST CUT THIS PRACTICE AND START TO SWEEP THE RESIDUES OF CORRUPT POLITICIANS.

    3. I think the sk became the seed of corruption in the Philippines government
      cause most likely the children and relatives of politicians in power are
      the one who will win.

    4. Please abolish SK. It’s supposedly noble entention of letting the youth participates in national issues affecting their future is just a ploy designed by its originators whose motive is nothing but to perpetuate their own political ambition. This SK is nothing but a training gound for future corrupt politicians. From whom among elected officials, and officers, from top to bottom of our government agencies could they emmitate good and honest governance. Most, if not all politicians are corrupt to the bones. Let the youth in our country be placed in a Kibbutz style of living.