Skin solutions for the 20-somethings to the golden 50s


Bioessence20160505While dermatologists recommend the basic four-step rule in skin care for every age—cleansing, toning, moisturizing and sunblock application—Dr. Gelin Rosario-Crisostomo of trusted beauty clinic chain Bioessence goes by the way of the brand’s advocacy that skin solutions vary for different generations.

She reiterated the importance of age-appropriate skincare practices at Bioessence’s latest grand launch to introduce the brand’s Acnetrol, Biolite, Derm-age, and Preventage lines.

Given beauty
“At age 20, beauty is given,” said Crisostomo noting that skin health is at its peak during this period.

Although the skin generally calms down and finds its balance at this age, imperfections such as pustules may still prove problematic among this age group especially for those who have acne-prone skin.

For this, Crisostomo recommends the Acnetrol lines, which she considers a highly effective acne control system.

“The active ingredients of Acnerol include sulfur and salicylic acid which are very effective in controlling the Propionibacterium or the commonly called acne-causing p-acne bacteria,” Crisostomo elaborated.

With the combined use of the line’s gel toner, acne drying lotion, SSA soap and AB liquid, the line will help restore the skin’s natural PH balance, thus reducing sebum production and essentially the formation of skin impurities.

Decisions, decisions
Whereas the 20s are all about natural good looks, maintaning good skin for people in their 30s entails decision-making.

The common question this age group needs to ask themselves is, “Am I willing to submit myself to routines to ensure my skin is at its best and healthiest?”

According to Crisostomo, luminosity—and not whiter skin—is the best marker for the healthy state of one’s skin.

As such, Crisostomo recommends 30-something individuals to use the Biolite line to achieve that all-important glow. Comprised of a face cleanser, gel toner, whitening and moisturizing cream, the entire range is formulated with Vitamin C—specifically VC-IP or its most potent form—, which demonstrare skin brightening properties.

“There’s nothing wrong in taking ascorbic acid orally for your skin but if you are looking for better results, go for topical application,” Crisostomo suggested.

The line also includes the sun protection cream with SPF 50 that forms a thin layer of water resitant, UV protecti shield on the skin, and a broad spectrum barries and uniform protection against UVA and UVB to prevent premature skin ageing due to overexposure.

Moving further up the age scale, beauty becomes a commitment.

“In your 40s, skin elasticity further degrades, causing fine lines to turn to wrinkles. At this age, retaining moisture is the most important task to keep the soft, firm and supple properties of advancing skin. And to do just that, you have to fully commit yourself to age prevention,” Crisostomo declared.

With this, Bioessence provides what it describes to be “the best possible defense against premature ageing” with the Preventage skincare line.

Enriched with Black Oat Seed extract and Lecithin, the combined use of face cleanser, gel toner, exfoliating face scrub and hydrating cream targets skin hydration.

Continued use of the line protects the skin from drying, leaving it velvety smooth and supple.

Finally, at age 50, beauty becomes an investment.

At this stage where skin becomes thinner and more fragile, products and procedures that promise to reduce pronounced skin ageing are clearly considered investments because of hefty price tags for treatments.

Bioessence, however, promises it can provide smooth, supple and youthful glowing skin sans the breaking the bank with the use of the Derm-age line.

“Bringing together the breakthrough ReGeniStem Red Rice technology and the combination of botanical Polyssaccharride and nano-ized Collage, Derm-age gives maximum moisture and forms a thin layer that tightens and firms the skin,” Crisostomo finally enthused.

With further use of their face cleanser, gel toner and rejuvenating cream, the line will also help to even out fine lines and wrinkles.


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