• Skyway accident survivor recounts ordeal


    “IT was a miracle.”

    This was how Ryan Brecia, a passenger of the ill-fated Don Mariano Transit bus that plunged from the elevated Skyway on the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) described his survival from the tragedy.

    He boarded the bus on his way to work in Muntinlupa City and seated just three rows behind the driver before the bus fell off and rammed a van below.

    In recounting his ordeal, Brecia said the passenger bus was speeding so fast even before they reached the Skyway.

    He said the driver had a hard time controlling the vehicle because the bus was traveling so fast and the road was quite slippery because it was raining at that time.

    He also said that he was not so sure if the driver was drunk or sleepy and that all he knows was the driver was speeding so fast.

    “Then suddenly it rammed the Skyway railings and plunged onto a passing van,” said Brecia.

    Right before the bus plunged, Brecia said he decided to switch his seat nearer the front portion of the bus. He said the impact was on the right side.

    “Milagro lang po kasi ‘yung konduktor ng bus nakaharang sa likod kaya ang ginawa ko po, umupo ako sa may kanan muna, tapos lumipat po ako sa kaliwa (It was a miracle. I seated near the bus conductor and I decided to switch seat before the bus plunged),” said Brecia, who suffered bruises and minor injuries on his right arm and chest.

    Brecia said he immediately went out through the bus window because he  was afraid that it might explode.

    “I heard someone shouting for help, but I hurriedly went out of the bus because I was so afraid that it might explode” he said.



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