Slaughter of SAF: Who gave the mission order?


IT has been almost two weeks now since the slaughter of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. Yet until today President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd, who likes to refer to himself as “Ama ng Bayan” or “Father of the Nation” has NOT told the Filipino people the truth behind the disastrous police covert operation!

What has been established is that the PNP Officer-in-Charge Leonardo A. Espina was not informed of the top-secret mission to arrest the two high-profile and dangerous terrorists Marwan (Malaysian) and Usman (Filipino). As Deputy Director-General Espina said several times in the past two weeks, he was informed only “after the fact” by SAF Commander Getulio Napeñas. In short, the chain of command was not followed. Why?

The SAF commander, who holds the rank of police director equivalent to a two-star general in the military, revealed last Wednesday that he was receiving his orders from suspended PNP Chief Alan Purisima, a known friend and trusted lieutenant of President B.S. Aquino 3rd. The supposedly suspended General Purisima instructed Napañes not tell the acting PNP Chief Espina beforehand of the special police operations.

During the press conference at the PNP headquarters at Camp Crame in Quezon City, the sacked SAF chief said: “Purisima told me to tell Deputy Director-General Espina only when the operation was already going on.” Indeed, Napeñas only sent his text message to his superior at 5:30 AM after the SAF team had killed their target, the international terrorist Marwan, whose nipa hut they assaulted an hour earlier at 4:30 AM.

Last Sunday, February 1, the Philippine Daily Inquirer (PDI) reported that President Aquino, as Commander in Chief, knew of the covert police operation to get the two terrorists. The PDI reporter quoted former SAF Commander Nepañes in response to the question on who knew the Mamasapano operations: “The President, of course, because we have been working on this mission for a long time; it was a command commitment.”

In the same Inquirer report, a police general divulged that Napeñas later told Roxas that President Aquino AUTHORIZED Oplan Wolverine. The senior police official also told the Inquirer reporter that “eventually, this will come out and Napeñas will admit that he just followed orders from President Aquino.”

Indeed, the statement of the sacked SAF Commander during the press conference that he was taking orders from suspended PNP Director General Purisima is already tantamount to saying he was just following orders from no less than the Chief Executive as the Commander in Chief. However, President B. S. Aquino 3rd until now would not admit to the Filipino people and the world that he gave the order for the botched operation.

During the dialogue of Secretary Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd with the SAF members at the Camp Bagong Diwa in Taguig, he categorically stated that the SAF Commander NEVER INFORMED him of Oplan Wolverine despite the fact that he is the DILG Secretary who signed his appointment papers as SAF Commander. Why was Mar Roxas not told and kept in the dark by both Napeñas and his boss President Aquino of the top-secret mission?

There are now a total of eight (8) investigations on the Maguindanao Massacre. There are two from Congress, two from the PNP and Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), two from the Office of the Ombudsman and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) and another two from Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and from the Monitoring Team involved in the peace process. On top of them, a Truth Commission has also been proposed.

The most important question that can already be answered without any fact-finding probe is: Who ordered the Mission of Oplan Wolverine that resulted in the slaughter of 44 SAF commandos in Mamasapano, Maguindanao? And the answer is obvious, given the facts that acting PNP chief Espina and DILG Secretary Roxas were bypassed and that suspended PNP Director General Purisima was in charge of the covert police operation.

It is truly sad to see that General Espina and Secretary Roxas could not answer the questions of families of slain SAF commandos on what really happened that resulted in the slaughter of their loved ones. Perhaps it is only now under the Aquino administration when the top officials who have jurisdiction over the police were ever bypassed in the chain of command and kept out of the loop by the President of the Republic of the Philippines.

Who else would be higher than the DILG Secretary except the Executive Secretary (primus inter pares) and the President himself? Executive Secretary Ochoa should have advised Mr. Aquino in his capacity as Chairman of the Presidential Anti-Organized Crime Commission (PAOCC). However. the PAOCC Chair could also have been kept out of the loop just as what happened to him with the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

So why is President B.S. Aquino 3rd NOT MAN enough to admit and accept responsibility? Has Noynoy Aquino really been a COWARD ALL HIS LIFE? Is it why President Aquino did not attend the arrival honors of the slain SAF commandos at Villamor Air Base on Thursday last week? Was he afraid to face the coffins of the elite police force whose deaths he knows he is responsible for?

P-Noy into pathological lying?

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has confirmed three days ago that JEMAAH Islamiyah terrorist Zulkifli bin Hir, alias “Marwan,” is dead based on the test done in Singapore on the DNA sample given by the Philippine government. If not for the 44 fatalities of SAF commandos, President Aquino would have easily admitted since last Thursday that it was he who ordered Operation Wolverine.

Likewise, if the SAF extraction team were able to bring with them the body of the most-wanted terrorist without their 44 comrades being slaughtered, then President BS Aquino 3rd would have flown from Zamboanga City to Cotabato City to receive Marwan Dead or Alive with full press coverage.

PNoy would also proudly say that as Commander-in-Chief of the PNP and AFP, he was there Every Step of the Way. He might even admit that the suspended Purisima was instrumental in the planning and operations.

However, since it was a Pyhrric Success with the massacre by the MILF and BIFF, President B. S. Aquino 3rd said in a televised speech last week that the disastrous operation did not need his approval! He was trying to clear himself by saying that he does not have the time to attend to this police matter since there are more important things competing for his attention. He has the brazen temerity to lie to the Filipino people.

In the event that President Aquino either fires or accept the resignation of the discredited Purisima, it will just be damage control. The harm has been done not only to the families of the slain SAF commandos, but to the entire police force and the Filipino people. I would like to think that the military (AFP) also feels the same way as millions do.

What the pathetic President Aquino does not realize is that the longer it takes him to admit and assume full accountability for the fiasco, the deeper he sinks into his political quagmire. PNoy may not last 44 days from last week as in the Ides of March.


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  2. Jaime Sandoval on

    What, then, is a Filipino, that our elected National Leaders especially President Aquino , et al are NOT MINDFUL of the gruesome murders of 44 SAF policemen ?

    Meanwhile, it took only 1 Jordanian life brutally burned alive that Jordan to start an all out severe war against IS militants enemies.

    Is the value of one Filipino life much cheaper than the life of a chicken, that the lost of lives of 44 SAF who protected our freedom and our democratic way of civil life, is dismissively declared mere a ‘mis-encounter’ ?

    Is it not common-sense that in order to know the injuries sustained, autopsies should have done on those 44 fallen SAF men ?

    Does Congress have any constitutional authority to pass the BBL Our capitulation of portions of Philippine sovereignty and territory to our nation’s enemies brokered by a foreign power?

    Is it not true that any treaty or legislation that aim to diminish Philippine sovereignty and dismember the integrity of Philippine territory, NULL & VOID?

  3. iamwell bungari on

    1st Question: In any commando operation, whenever AFP support or intervention becomes urgently necessary, who gives out the command to proceed, AFP Chief of Staff, Secretary of National Defense, or the Commander-in-chief? 2ndQ: Does the capture of Marwan and the country’s loss of 44 SAF members justify the passage or nonpassage of the BBL? Will PNoy qualify to the Nobel Peace Prize, the answers to these questions and his “lying” (if indeed he lied) notwithstanding?

  4. very well said Mr. Ramos! I admire your bravery in writing this article. I hope you could still update us, and share your thoughts. thank you.

  5. The main problem here is credibility Pnoy after the Mamanpasano tragedy. It took pinoy more the 3 days to tell us his incident report. His 3 days of silence could be easily said that he has to reherst his lies. At the height of the firefight in Mamanpasano, Pnoy was in Zamboanga inspecting the bombing aftermath there. Pnoy could have easily fly to Cotabato city and inspect the firefight in Mamansapano if he really did not know what happened. Mar Roxas and Voltaire Gazmin were also in Zamboanga that fateful Sunday. Definetely these 3 officials knew then the live massacre in Mamansapano but we will never know now because they have decided to lie to us. Papayag pa ba tayo?

  6. The bad fruit does not fall far from the bad tree. It is so unfortunate that the Filipino
    took such a long time to finally realize that the Aquinos are are not what they expected them to be. BS Aquino’s mother was hopelessly incompetent and clueless and his father was the ultimate traitor of the PHilippine democracy when he helped organized the communist party that created the NPA. They are revered as icons of democracy, yet the son does not even believe he is bound by the constitution as bastardized by his mother. Beware he has budgeted more than P3 trillion to buy his way as he pleases so he could exact revenge against his political enemies. That kind of money would be more than enough to make congress to do anything he wanrts. What a bitter irony it would be when the elected representatives of the Filipino people will do nothing but willingly participante in his quest for revenge.

  7. Alam na ng lahat Kung ano ang tunay na pangyayari, si Pnoy Lang ang Hindi nakakaalam. Shame on you Pnoy.

  8. Roldan Guerrero on

    In his nationwide speech, the other day, I was watching another PONTIUS PILATE, telling LIES for the NTH Time. Yes, BSA IS THE PONTIUS PILATE OF MODERN TIMES WHO BETRAYED HIS 44 SAF SUBORDINATES IN ECHANGE OF A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE. Benigno Simeon Aquino deserves NO RESPECT from anyone. His RESIGNATION without delay could only compensate partly for the masacre that he initiated.

    • It is not about novel peace price, it is about the reward money.. secondly, Malaysia meddling in our local affair.. I read from another post that late Ninoy Aquino exposed the devil marcos claim of Sabah in exchange for their support to oust Marcos and his return to the country.
      I also notice when datu of Sabah ask for help but Pinoy do nothing.
      In my opinion i think ninoy is a hero in Malaysia than in our country
      Ninoy is a traitor but media (ABS CBN) make him a hero and we buy it
      Maybe Ninoy’s birthday is a national holiday ni Malaysia

  9. Juluis Cesar was assassinated in 44 BC during the Ide of March. Yes, 44 again. I was told that 44 is really an UNLUCKY NUMBER!

  10. For gen. Espina being left out of the loop, it’s crystal clear that he does not enjoy the trust and confidence of the cic…. as an ornamental plant out for display only?…. this was really degrading as acting chief pnp, he should have been the architect of that mission….. right now he is just a lameduck leader with no followers since penoy could just ignore him completely…what a waste… and he was being projected as a good leader….. gen espina show us your grit by resigning your post and make your own stand instead of following an incompetent boss

    • Poor fall guy. Purisima can contest that he was suspended and nothing to do on tha issue.. Mar Roxas was seen with pinoy, abad ,ochoa in mindanao look like expecting a good news before the massacre..Mar claim don’t know the operation.. WTF.

  11. The most sought answer now after the slaughter of 44 SAF is: WHO GAVE THE ORDER TO THE AFP TO “STAND GROUND” as the unfortunate 44 were being slaughtered by MILF/BIFF Terrorists and or bandits., as claimed by our military who became inutile on this operation. This is so important that maybe in the next operations of neither the police or the military, no command would dare reinforce their beleguared comrads. So as to stop the commanders to issue this kind of devastating order for forces on the ground we need to know who was that person? I doubt if is still Purosama who gave that order???

  12. Since there is no dead body, only a finger used to identify that it was indeed Marwan, how can we confirm that Marwan is dead and not alive with a missing finger?

    • Cutting a middle finger for $5 million–A dying juan dela cruz will agree to cut the head for 1 million pesos

  13. edlberto milan on

    “IT has been almost two weeks now since the slaughter of 44 Special Action Force (SAF) commandos of the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Mamasapano, Maguindanao.” This statement is an insult to our Philippine National Police who will go to a war zone fully armed only to be slaughtered!!!!!!!Please please we who are living in Mindanao have suffered so much we beg you particularly the people of the PEN not to add fire to the flame of hatred that is obtaining among the people of Mindanao. Maraming salamat po May the Good Lord Bless us all..

    • If you read the statement of former President Fidel V. Ramos on the subject, he was the one who first used the word that aptly described what happened: “SLAUGHTER!”

    • How about Vice Ganda Portraitting AFP as puro bakla in “The Amazing Benjamin” Insult and bad moral

  14. That disgraceful “president” must step down, and get out of Malacanang pronto. The sooner the better.

  15. What then is the best solution to all these problems confronting our nation today? Foremost, we have a President who is so much incompetent that he cannot rescue his people in times of calamities, turns a blind eye to all his corrupt secretaries and officials but very vengeful to his political enemies, he cannot protect his soldiers from terroristic acts of MILF, BIFF, Abu Sayyaf and NPAs and government policies of favoring Taipans controlling supposedly government utilities resulting to high power and water rates including prime commodities, smuggling, drug trafficking and so forth and so on. He must resign and give way to a transformation council to choose a temporary non-politician leader until the next election.

    • Yes, resignation of P-Noy. What is better is a joint resignation with VP Binay. Then for the interim president to be selected amongst the senior senators. The interim president shall be disqualified from running for president in 2016.

    • R.B. Ramos why U always blame Binay Loyalist ka siguro ni Trillanes ano
      Two bird in one stone..haha..Kelangang mag CHA CHA at gawing batas na pag napatay ang presidente dapat ay patay din ang VP..korek ba?
      Cha Cha..Cha.Cha before 2016..Eh pag si boss mo Trillanes,baka mag martial law ..Wellow zombies they have a time machine,they can see what the fuck on 2016

    • R.B Ramos..Wala na si pinoy at Binay . Siguro tama si pinoy na dapat isisi ke GMA. Kaya ibalik natin si Gloria para matapos ang unfinished issue na laging isinisisi ke Aroyo.