The sleek Mizuno JPX-900 driver


    The driver that really caught my attention lately was the Mizuno JPX-900 driver. Whoa! It is such a technical driver. All the goodies have been placed in a single driver, just like a Formula 1 car!

    Honestly, I am not really an expert in reviewing golf equipment, apparel and other golf accessories and related products. Although I have been playing golf for the past 52 years, and have been coaching golf for the past 20 years. So, it gives me that edge to know about these things. It’s really nice and fun indeed!

    So going back, the Mizuno JPX-900 driver really fascinates me. The matte blue finish looks really neat. When you set the club on the ground, the reflections from the crown are totally unnoticeable. The shape of the head is more on the conventional side.

    The shaft is contrasting with a fiery red and orange Fujikura Speeder Evo 2 shaft that comes as stock. This is one expensive shaft I tell you.

    Sound and feel
    According to Mizuno, the JPX-900 driver utilizes “Harmonic Impact Technology”. It basically establishes the purest sound and feel. I personally hear it as a “not too loud popping metallic pinging sound.”

    The Mizuno JPX-900 driver from various angles PHOTOS BY BUDDY DE JOYA

    Upon making mishits, the sound is duller. When it comes to feel for mishit shots, there is not much difference at all and very similar in nature. The shaft seems to dampen the vibrations and feel very stable.

    There are almost infinite ways to adjust the Mizuno JPX-900 driver.

    Infinite Fast Track – these are the two weights that slide in the center of the sole, in blue color. The weights are not dedicated on specific spots to sit in, so you can actually move them around almost infinitely in the sole.

    Fast Track- these are the weight ports in the toe and heel, where you can also place the blue weights to custom fit your desired ball flight.

    Visual Face Angle Adjustor (the big silver piece) – it makes the club sit open or close at address position.

    Quick Switch Adapter – allows loft adjustments at the hosel. The 9.5-degree standard will allow you to adjust from 7.5 degree to 11.5 degree.

    By moving the weights from the heel to the toe or vice versa, it moves the sweet spot slightly. It can also alter the spin rate and the ball flights.

    One thing I noticed about the driver is, even when set at neutral, it is draw biased. I would normally have a straight or a slight fade ball flight, but with this driver, I frequently draw.

    I believe this is one of the best drivers in the market today. It is very forgiving and quite stable. It is very good but I believe there are other more forgiving drivers.

    Tinkering with the Mizuno JPX-900 driver is very interesting and fun. It is a great toy to play with. There are no other drivers in the market that has more screws to play with. For most players, the adjustability options can be overwhelming. But definitely, the low handicappers will extremely enjoy these adjustments.

    To those players who have a pattern of fading and slicing, the Mizuno JPX-900 is the best driver for you.

    The official distributor of Mizuno golf in the Philippines is TourMaster.


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