Sleep is ‘king’ for Bianca


Bianca King can only get through her demanding career if she gets enough sleep

In the last decade, Bianca King has definitely had her hands full from the demands of her blossoming career as an actress and model, and most recently, a budding director. Now at 27, she still looks a lot younger than her age, and could still portray roles usually reserved to thespians as young as 18 years old.

So what’s her secret? Without batting an eyelash, Bianca revealed that aside from having a healthy outlook and disposition in life and strong self-discipline to maintain a fresh-looking aura, it is also about getting good and healthy sleep.

She said that for people with a very busy career like hers, sound and restful sleep is what they need after a very long and tiring day of shootings, pictorials and celebrity appearances, which sometimes lasts until the wee hours of the morning. And to get that very much needed rest, she needs a reliable and very comfortable mattress. To attain these attributes, Bianca turns to her latest endorsement, Uratex Premium Mattress.

“I often browse home furniture and accessories on my own,” Bianca said, “and that’s how I discovered Uratex. Having a great and restful sleep is essential for my line of work, and I believe I really deserve a great bed!” the hard working beauty added laughing.

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