Slovak far-right party petitions for ‘Slovexit’


BRATISLAVA: A far-right party in the Slovak parliament said Saturday it would petition for a vote on the country’s exit from the EU, following Britain’s historic vote to leave.

“It is high time Slovakia left this sinking Titanic too,” said Marian Kotleba, head of the People’s Party Our Slovakia, in a posting on Facebook.

“Therefore we will start making good on our election promise on Monday — we will start collecting signatures to call a referendum on Slovakia’s departure from the EU,” he added.

Slovakia, a nation of 5.4 million people which joined the EU in 2004 and the eurozone in 2009, is due to take over the rotating EU presidency from the Netherlands on July 1.

In a general election in March, Kotleba’s party won 14 seats in the 150-member parliament which is dominated by a center-left governing coalition.

Kotleba, 39, is known for his hostility to both the Roma minority and the “establishment” and for leading street marches with party members dressed in neo-Nazi black uniforms. AFP



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