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    I have always been amazed at the story of the Hare vs the Tortoise ever since it was read to me by my parents. I had always thought that the one that finishes first wins all the accolades and prizes. This time, I know why it is much better to take it slower and making it right rather than rushing things.

    Last week, a lot of people thought that I had gone bonkers when I said that people should JUST SAY NO when things are not right when they join an event. Now, the same people are saying that I was right and that they will prepare better next time.

    I guess it’s all a matter of what level you are now in your racing career to appreciate being SLOW BUT SURE is the way to go. This doesn’t refer to drivers alone but to organizers and our beloved motor sports as well. Here are some interesting things that will give credit to this contradictory slogan and currently happening in our midst.

    Revival of Rallycross
    The 1st Round of the Philippine Rallycross Seires was recently held in Novaleta, Cavite. The track is in a huge, undeveloped area and that means there is enough space to plot a long course that will provide high-speed events and a lot of varying track designs.

    The rules permit almost all kinds of vehicles to compete, from old school, rally cars to high end, off-road vehicles like the Land Rover Bowler version. The organizers even held two races, one in daytime and the other at night. This paved the way for all kinds of exciting runs that thrilled the participants and the crowd.

    Judging from the response of the crowd and the local government, the organizers are preparing for the next round on October 22-23. You can expect more guys to join and get the sport of rallying back on its feet.

    So you might be asking, how did being slow help to revive this sport? I believe that creating the awareness of dirt rallying and getting everyone excited about bringing it back helped set the mindset of participants and organizers. Our Philippine Motorsports History Facebook page helped create this awareness along with the relevant sites in social media.

    We are also preparing our own series in the dirt that will be organized by our MP Turbo Team. We are sorting out a good venue and preparing all the necessary things so the whole family will enjoy. They will not only be participating or watching the event, but be rewarded with huge media coverage, prizes and a festival atmosphere for them to come back again and again. Slow but sure is important to make an impact.

    F4/SEA Championship
    The long wait for a true international formula race is now over! With the coming of the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship in Clark this October 15-16, race lovers will be happy to hear and see the open-wheel racers do battle in the popular 4.189-kilometer Clark International Speedway in Pampanga.

    The new Formula 4 South East Asia Championship, certified by the FIA, is one of 12 worldwide championships in the FIA’s F4 global format. F4/SEA is designed to develop Asia’s motor sports talent through a cost-effective program and is the first step on the FIA’s streamlined ladder to developing professional careers in the sport.

    The second round of the F4/SEA event will be the first FIA certified event in the Philippines after the Asian Formula 3 back in the early 2000s. According to Firhat Mokhzani, the managing director of F4 SEA organizer Triple A, “This is a significant step for the Formula 4 South East Asia Championship, particularly in our efforts to grow and develop young racing talents from across the South East Asian region and beyond. The inclusion of these new circuits also brings with it another depth and dimension in the drivers’ training, which will be crucial for them as they develop. It will be new ground for all of us, particularly coming to Clark International Speedway and we are really excited!”

    “We are extremely delighted to announce the inclusion of Clark International Speedway in the Philippines and Indonesia’s Sentul International Circuit in addition to Thailand’s Chang International Circuit onto our inaugural Formula 4 South East Asia Championship season,” said series Triple A Chairman Peter Thompson. “As the region’s premiere entry level junior formula racing category, the inclusion of these three circuits marks another significant milestone as we continue to build, develop and sustain a truly Asian motor sports eco-system.”

    The FIA F4 format will feature six races per weekend with practice and qualifying on Saturday. With this format, the drivers’ stamina and race craft will be put to the test. One major accident will stop the driver and car from participating in the other races.

    This is where the Tortoise might even be better since he or she will be able to finish the six races and gain much needed points for the championship. As always, it will be hard to coach a driver to be careful as this is racing.

    Winning is not everything
    I just saw a Facebook post of Martin Galan that showed how old Formula One drivers Niki Lauda and James Hunt could race head-to-head and not knock out each other off the track. They said they were confident that they would respect each other and will not cause an accident to win. This is seldom seen in today’s races as winning is everything.

    I have never advised my team or protégé to do all means to win and I would always tell them that it is how you win that is the most important. Thus, it is better to be the Tortoise rather than be a Hare who wins but causes other racers to crash and worst, hurt themselves.

    Hope you pick the right one and may God keep you safe always! Godspeed!


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