Slush fund ready vs ‘Joey’


Spin doctor engaged to smear chopper deal insider’s credibility

Personalities involved in an allegedly anomalous P1.2-billion helicopter contract have contracted the services of a public relations practitioner to launch a campaign to discredit a whistleblower on the suspicious deal.

Rhodora Alvarez, who as an anonymous source in The Manila Times series that exposed the transaction was identified as “Joey,” appeared before the Senate blue ribbon committee on Wednesday and made a presentation on how the transaction was consummated.

Alvarez told The Times on Thursday that a “respected broadcast journalist” had tipped her off about the slush fund that was allegedly readied to bankroll a smear drive against her.

“He told me that an email was sent to him by the PR operator containing a lot of damaging information against me. I believe this is already a scheme aimed at discrediting me. However, I will not stand down,” she said.

Alvarez disclosed the name of her journalist-informant but requested that the tipster’s identity be kept under wraps.

“He was promised a huge sum of money in exchange for airing the attacks against me,” she said.

Alvarez added that she had been informed as early as March that some people have been preparing to launch a media campaign against her with allegations linking her to extortion as well as shady deals that she allegedly was involved in as an employee of the Bureau of Internal Revenue.

After the Senate hearing on Wednesday, Defense Undersecretary Fernando Manalo told reporters that Alvarez tried to extort money from Robert Rice, president of Rice Aircraft Services Inc., the other half of a joint venture that won the contract to supply UH-1D helicopters to the Philippine Air Force.

Alvarez said the “15 percent kickback” that Manalo claimed she demanded was actually meant for officials of the Department of National Defense (DND).

She, however, admitted that she was promised a three-percent cut from the contract.

“But this is not about money. This is for the country and no matter how hard they try to destroy me, I will reveal who was supposed to get seven percent kickback and another five percent kickback from the deal,” Alvarez pointed out.

Alvarez claimed it is widely known in Camp Aguinaldo where the offices of the Defense department in Quezon City are located that a ranking official was able to acquire a franchise of a popular food chain.

The official has since then earned the monicker “Assistant Secretary Langhap Sarap.”
Alvarez said she has evidence to prove that Rice had previous dealings with Manalo, as far back as the time when the DND official was an active general of the Philippine Air Force.

Meanwhile, according to Alvarez, the broadcaster refused to name the PR man who “tried to sell” the damaging press release and how much was promised to him.

“I call on our friends from the media to be vigilant and not to allow themselves to be used in this propaganda. I have no money. I only have the truth to tell,” she said.

False and misleading
The DND on Thursday said the statements made by Alvarez during the Senate blue ribbon committee hearing are “false and misleading.”

“We reiterate that the procurement processes in the DND are above-board, transparent and conducted in accordance with existing rules and regulations under [the]law. In line with this, it is the practice of the DND to invite third-party observers such as the Coalition Against Corruption (CAC), the Samahang Magdalo and members of the media to witness the procedures conducted by DND’s Bid and Awards Committee (BAC). The UH-1 Acquisition Project is no exception,” a Defense department statement read.

“The DND assures the public that truth is on our side and we can answer all points raised by Miss Alvarez in the proper venue, at the proper time.

“We thus question Miss Alvarez’s motive for smearing the reputation of the department and its officials. We challenge her to go beyond her rhetorics and back her statements with concrete proof,” the DND statement said.


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  1. galit n galit kayo sa gobyerno d nyo napapansin ung whistle-blower palpak, nagttrabaho sa BIR tpos mkkisali sa deal ng choppers ng patago? bakit? para mangkick back obviously, andun n nga sa article n may mga 3rd parties na kasama nung nag bid ng choppers “Coalition Against Corruption (CAC), the Samahang Magdalo and members of the media to witness the procedures conducted by DND’s Bid and Awards Committee (BAC).” ibig sabhin malinis ang DND edi kung corrupt nnmn edi ibig sabhin corrupt rin ung mga myembro nyan? isip nga kayo ng maayos. Basang basa n ung galaw ni alvarez. Di ako maka DND o mka Alvarez, sinasabi ko lang ung mga nkkita ko. wag maniniwala sa sabi sabi ng sino man

  2. I think everything emanates from Ms. Alvarez. I find it hard to believe that the dnd, which is at the forefront of our effort against china, will waste time and resources against her.

  3. All we have from Ms. Alvarez is hearsay and allegations based on flimsy, inaccurate information. Where is the hard evidence? Why does she keep inventing anonymous witnesses? All she will have accomplished is to delay the AFP’s much-needed modernization program even further. Disgusting!

  4. So far, there is zero evidence to substantiate “Joey’s” allegations. They just keep spouting the helicopters are “obsolete” and the deal is “disadvantageous” to the AFP, but no explanation HOW. The kickback percentages they are also throwing out are ridiculously high for such a small order (yes, by defence industry standards, this is peanuts). No company in their right mind, even one that is corrupt, would lose money on a deal by paying exorbitant kickbacks. This is all BS as far as I can see. The German-built UH-1D’s represent the later production runs of the UH-1H series.

  5. Ilang taon na tayo ginagatasan ng mga buwakananginang pulitiko na yan? Trabaho tayo ng trabaho bayad ng bayad ng buwis. Nararamdaman niyo ba ang pinatutunguan ng tax natin?? Mga sugapang walang hiya.

    • manjares colin on

      they should face off in a debate. if dos por dos lyesterday is any indication, it seems she is too scared to do so. tunying invited Manalo as guest. if she is telling the truth then she should just up and face MAnalo. he has aleardy presented ample evidence of her corrupt ways. where is hers?

  6. He may be able to get away w/ his evil doing because this gov’t is so corrupt, but when he dies he will go straight to hell or if he will be reborn, he will be reborn w/ a missing parts and to a very very poor family. And that’s hell on this earth(KARMA).

  7. Vic PenetranteVic on

    Manalo was a guest at DZMM’s Dos For Dos last night. He said that the helicopters were war-tested. He added that as an instructor in pilot-training, he usually stops the helicopter in flight. And he showed several pictures of sexy ‘Joey’ with the helicopters.
    That is how to defend an anomaly!

    • Have you seen the picture of rhodora? i think you did not… i think he only want us to know that rhodora can use her charm to influence a deal that is why manola show that picture…

    • manjares colin on

      her being sexy is not really an issue here

      although it is said that it DID help, heheh. anyway, she should presnt evidence soon if she hasnt made one up yet..

  8. This is the best time to clean up the DND/AFP it is been corrupt ever since Enrile become the Defense secretary.Kawawa naman yong mga sundalo natin,yong mga nasa field sardinas ang kinakain at mga armas ay bulok.Mga armor barilin ng 22 cal.flat na yong gulong.

  9. Of course these people who are at the head are trying to twist it round to she is the corrupt one. Are they stupid enough to think we or anyone thinks she had the power to arrange this deal. They wouldnt be paying her, well they would but a small piece to keep quiet, the top ones were the ones getting the biggest slice. We know this is hiow it happens but those corrupt will say anything to get off. Get them found guilty as quickly as possible & throw them into jail. I hate these lying scumbags.

    • manjares colin on

      i don’t think there should be any issue as to the irregularities of the deal. i still think it is pretty much open to investigation. but her allegations are way too wild to be all true. cool it down a bit, sis.

  10. I think if there is smoke there is fire. The COA, the Blue Ribbon Committee in congress should look into these mess. Corruption is the pass time of ffilipino politicians and
    filipino government employees. Hindi tumitigil ang ka tarantadohan. Mga walang hiya?

    • Correct Mr. Gregorio Ocampo. Talaga namang kapag may usok ay mayroong apoy. Kailangang sugpuin agad ang apoy upang hindi makasunog. Fire causes a lot of destruction. Maraming palusot ang mga taong buktot ang hangarin na ang gustong mangyari’y ang kanilang kapakanan lalo ang patungkol sa pera. Ay nako ‘money is the source of all evils’. Mga ganid.

  11. Kun di ba naman saksakan ng gunggong mga taga DND eh bibili ng UH-1 na Vietnam vintage pa. Ang dami paraan para magkaroon tayo ng bagong mga helicopeter ay di nila maisip kun paaano? Sinabi ko naman kasi na makipag ugnayan si Gregorio sa akin para turuan ko kasi ay kun bakit naman di nagiisip. San kaya napunta mga IQ ng mga yan? Hirap kasi kun nagaantay lang ng kickback sa pagbili aat talagang ipagpipilitan nun ang bili ng luma.