• SM Home makes condo living easier


    SM Home recently launched its first edition of design workshops entitled “Essentials of Condo Living” featuring very small living spaces optimized and styled by up and coming professional designers, expertly demonstrating it is possible to turn the smallest living space into a perfect home.

    SM Home partnered with four talented architects and designers, dividing them into two teams. Each pair was tasked with designing individual living spaces, while working together to combine their assigned areas within the confines of a limited space, similar to what one would find in a standard urban condominium. Maya Franco and Erika Uichanco were assigned the kitchen and dining room areas, while Ivy Crisostomo and James Razo were given the living room and bedroom spaces to design and style.

    “In recent years, we’ve seen condo sizes shrink. And as they do, homeowners have to learn how to maximize their spaces, to live comfortably without feeling cooped up,” said SM Home Assistant Vice President for Marketing Tom Castaneda.

    He also noted that small condos demand creativity when it comes to optimizing space, and this leads to SM Home’s compact-yet-stylish and multifunctional pieces that are “condo perfect.”

    Small paces optimized

    Collaborating with personalities who fuse in a different idea and style into a specific project truly made the event dynamic. But more than just style, it would be the functionality and practicality of what SM Home pieces can offer in a small space. One of Castaneda’s inputs were the significance of utilizing “movable items” that had been smart during his younger years, but are still smart today. Uichanco agrees and also presented the idea of a multi-function room, one that can be both a workspace and the kitchen.

    The setups were designed in the popular Scandi-chic style with touches of rustic-Luxe. “Aside from being popular, Scandi-chic is considered to be more minimalist, which makes it a perfect choice for small spaces. The addition of rustic-luxe elements helps give the spaces a lived-in and relaxed vibe, something that can be lost in today’s smaller, low-ceilinged condos,” Castaneda added.

    Both highly styled setups feature novel and inventive ways to define each living area, while maintaining a cohesive look. Franco and Uichanco break up their kitchen and dining room designs with a divider that doubles as a shelving unit. To make the line between the two spaces that much more recognizable, they chose a bright teal (Tribal Teal) paint color for her dining room walls, and a dark green shade (Scout’s Honor) for the kitchen, both from Boysen’s Tradition palette, part of its Color Trends 2017 collection. And Franco chose to add a kitchen island to the space, which can easily be converted from a cooking area to a workspace.

    “I love that in this very simple but tasteful design, Maya [Franco] has broken condo interior rules that were once thought of as hard and fast, like never use dark colors predominantly in condo interiors. Her space may be deep green, but it really works in this tight space,” Castaneda said.

    “And with condos, conventional wisdom tells us that less is more, but Maya [Franco] has chosen a kitchen island to show that isn’t always the case. Overall, her design shows that even in a limited space, there really are infinite possibilities,” he added.

    The insightful talks lasted up to September 17, that were free and open to the public.


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