Small miracle or simply luck in Rome?


As I have said before, I am not a religious person but I practice the Catholic faith. I do know that miracles do happen but I also believe in luck.

I was in Rome, Italy, for the canonization of the two popes, now Saints John Paul II and John XXXIII.

My family and I arrived there a week earlier to observe Lent, and of course to see the wonderful sights of this “Eternal City.”

Though I am aware that there are a lot of thieves in Rome, I still became a victim of pickpockets.

I lost my wallet on Good Friday and never expected to get it back again, thinking I will just have to get new ATM and credit cards, driver’s license and company ID when I get back to Manila.

Nevertheless, as my family and I visited the Church of Saint Anthony de Padua, I whispered on his tomb if he can help me get my wallet back or even just my license as I really need it to be able to drive around Italy.

The Catholic Church says Saint Anthony is the patron saint to go to for finding missing things, including people and pets.

Two days later, I got a call from my brother’s secretary, Aleen, in Manila who told me that my wallet was found by an elderly Filipino couple, Edgardo and Sani Tiglao, in an alley in Rome minus, of course, the small cash but all the cards and license were intact.

Prayer heard or plain luck? I believe it is the former since there are more than a million people in Rome on a given day, yet how come the Tiglaos, who have been in the office of my brother before, were the people who found my wallet in an alley in Rome?

Thank you God and thanks Saint Anthony.

* * *

Why so much hatred against us?
As expected, US President Barack Obama’s state visit to the Philippines that started on Monday was marred with protests by militants.

According to news reports, activist groups even tried to destroy the Peace Arch on Mendiola to show their strong disagreement with Obama’s visit.

My barber, Mang Joey, recently asked me, “Bakit sobra ang galit ng mga militante sa Amerika, sir [Why do the militants strongly hate America, sir]?”

I quickly told him that these groups perceive the United States as an imperialist country that meddles in our domestic affairs.

Then he wondered, “Bakit hindi sila nagagalit sa China na lantarang kinakamkam ang teritoryo natin [How come they are not mad at China when it is forcibly taking our territory]?”

I told him they are also called leftist or makakaliwa because of their Marxist or Leninist ideas while the government labels them as communists.

Finally Mang Joey answered his own question, “Galit nga pala ang komunista sa Amerika [The communists really hate America].”


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  1. I seldom read your column but this is the second time I encountered these miracles that happened to you. The last time was when you were apparently saved during typhoon Yolanda.

    I noticed too, according to your statements, that you did not pray to God directly but to the Blessed Virgin Mary during that devastating typhoon and, in this instance, to St. Anthony de Padua. I’d been praying to God for a long, long time in order to give us peace and prosperity in our country. But my prayers were not answered. Probably, I am praying to the wrong God. Or do we have a saint for peace and prosperity so I could also pray to him or her?

    Also, the nuns of the Franciscan Order in La Crosse, Wisconsin in the USA have been praying for world peace in 30-minute rotating shifts 24 hours a day in an unbroken chain of perpetual prayers dating back to 1878. But world peace has been too elusive, or again, they must praying to the wrong God.

    Can I make a request from you? Could you pray for our country’s peace and prosperity since you know who to pray to so God would answer and give us peace and prosperity? We cannot just do it, maybe we are children of a lesser God or lesser gods. Thank you!

  2. Ay naman di suwerte iyon iho marunong lang kundi kwik cash ang kailangan. Kung i-identity theft sa cards and license mo eh nakipagsapalaran pa sila dahil mas-malaki ang palitan euro kaysa sa peso. malulugi sila sa long distance transaction so pasalamat ka din sa ekonomiya ng pinas sa hirap lumalaganap ang kapwa tulisan. Tungkol naman sa kasunod mong artikulo eh ang pinoy is always known as a “HATER” – wala ni isa hindi galit sa tao, mundo at lahat ng gumagalaw o nanatiling di gumigislaw. Dahil sa amerikano natuto tayong maging magnanakaw dahil pinahirapan din nila tayo nuong panahon nila magpatakbo ng pinas. ilang pinoy/pinay na ginapos nila for public execution at sinunog dahil lumabag sa kanilang utos. Sumunod ang kastila tapos ang mga hapon – kaya wala tayong tiwala sa kaninuman dahil lahat sila eh meroon sariling kasakiman at walang marangal na tukoy kundi sarili nilang kapakanan. Mabuhay tayo sa dami ng lahi natin at nalahian ng ibat-iba bansa kasama na ang mga hayup sa kagubatan at karagatan.

  3. Erwin, himala yon! Very powerful intercessor si San Antonio de Padua. Ishare ko rin ang himala na nangyari sa akin sa Los Angeles, Ca . USA. After checking in and getting my boarding pass, I boarded my plane going to San Francisco. When already airborne, I noticed that my passport was missing. Since my late mother was a devotee of San Antonio, and she told me that he is the Patron of lost things and souls, I claimed from him to help me locate my missing passport. After meditating and flashing back, I remembered that I left my passport at the airline’s counter. I asked the purser to notify the Captain to communicate with their ground crew about my predicament, and he did. They found my passport at the counter and nobody touched it. I got it back after the next flight(after one hour), as I waited for it at the SF airport. I thanked GOD and SAINT ANTHONY. The leftists demonstrators are perenial rallyists, since time in memorial, from Marcos to AbAquino, but never did they demonstrate against CHINA. Dahil nga kabaro nila at source of funds. Kung walang rallies walang pondo, di ba? Source of income nila, dapat habulin din ni KIM H.