• Smart Enterprise rolls out solutions for SMEs


    Smart Enterprise, a unit of Smart Communications Inc., has launched a new product suite to encourage small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to move towards a mobile and digital version of their businesses.

    The Smart Logistics Solutions is a business-to-business (B2B) suite of software and hardware specifically designed to cater to the needs of transportation, logistics and distribution industries.

    “Well, technically, it’s not just a trend in the logistics industry. Digital, I think, is really a way of life. Everybody is becoming social, everybody is attached to their phones,” said Kat Luna-Abelarde, first vice president and SME Business head of Smart Communications parent Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT).

    “Basically for us, when you ask us what does digital mean, it’s SMAC (social, mobile analytics, cloud), so it’s very digital, it’s a global trend, it’s where the world is going,” Luna-Abelarde told reporters.

    She explained, “It’s all about mobile phones. It’s where you really feel digital, it is where you feel the impact of digital. We’re trying to bring it to the SMEs and basically, the solutions that we gave to the SMEs today should allow them to compete with the larger businesses.”

    “Before, the large companies were the ones who had access to solutions like these, but now with digital, it makes it more affordable, it makes it lightweight, just like in a sachet,” Abelarde said.

    With Smart Logistics Solutions, SMEs can now do away with manual monitoring of assets, paper-based data gathering and traditional reports. The suite consists of mobile applications and solutions designed to reduce cost of business operations, improve monitoring efficiency and increase customer satisfaction for SMEs.

    Mobile applications and solutions offered include: asset tracker-vehicle, fleet management and e-ticketing system for transportation; and for logistics, the asset tracker vehicle and asset tracker-personnel, as well as proof of delivery.

    Smart Tracker is a solution that utilizes the Global Positioning System (GPS) tracking system to enable users to monitor their vehicle or field force personnel’s location in real time. This solution will help businesses increase operational efficiency and ensure asset security.

    Smart E-ticketing handles scheduling and fares for transport companies. It manages and monitors admissions and retail from your head office while tracking sales real-time.

    Smart Fleet is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses operations such as vehicle management including maintenance, dispatching and cashiering, driver data and reports.

    Smart Form is a digital way of tracking goods shipment that leverages the mobile technology and replaces the pen-and-paper system.

    For a typical Filipino SME owner, marketing remains a challenge due to tight budgets and a lack of information. While digital marketing is a compelling channel to engage customers, many business owners do not know where to start and how to maximize the returns on their investment.

    In the Philippines, about 99.6 percent of registered firms are SMEs, about 65 percent of the country’s labor force is from SMEs, and 32 percent of the gross domestic product is from SMEs.

    “Speed and accuracy in delivering services gives SMEs the edge in today’s fast-paced and technology driven business landscape,” Abelarde said.

    “To thrive in today’s digitally changing times, SMEs need to be able to harness technology to their advantage, and that’s our mission,” she added.


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