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    D1---Smart-forTwo-220160112Smart unveiled a new open-top, two-seater car, the Smart Cabrio, during the recent International Motor Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

    The iconic variant features three cars in one: at the touch of a button, the new Smart Cabrio transforms from a closed two-seater into a car with a large sliding canvas sunroof, or a full-fledged cabriolet with the soft top completely open. This enables the fresh air driving experience to be adapted to the weather or the driver’s mood.

    The flexibility offered by the “tritop” folding soft top and the removable roof bars is a special feature of the Smart fortwo Cabrio. At the same time, the new smart cabrio is the only true cabriolet in its vehicle class.

    The new Smart fortwo Cabrio is clearly recognizable as a member of the new smart generation. It measures 2.69 meters long, 1.66 meters wide and 1.55 meters tall.

    The third model also embodies the smart design philosophy of FUN.ctional design, defined by two poles – the heart and mind. The design idiom is clear, purist and very progressive. This includes the typical silhouette with ultra-short overhangs, the clear lines, shapes and surfaces and, of course, the tridion safety cell. With the grille in a fading honeycomb design and the rhombic headlamps, the face is unmistakably smart. The B-pillar is narrower than on the closed variant and the styling of the tridion safety cell is more progressive, giving the smart fortwo cabrio an even sportier and more forward-focused look.

    Soft top opens in 12 seconds
    When the sun peeps out from behind the clouds, Smart fortwo Cabrio drivers can react quickly: the fabric soft top can be opened fully automatically in 12 seconds – even when driving at top speed. With the 3-button key the soft top can also be opened from outside the car by remote control.

    Full-blown cabrio experience
    The roof bars can be stowed on the inside of the tailgate. The stowage compartment in the tailgate also offers additional stowage space for small items, for example fluorescent jacket, first-aid kit or warning triangle.

    With an area of 1.8 square meters, the “tritop” fabric soft top is approximately 4.0 percent larger than its predecessor. The outer covering is made of a particularly lightfast polyacrylic fabric and the inside features a polyester/cotton mix. There is a rubber layer in the middle. The soft top has a total thickness of 20 millimeters. The rear windscreen is heated and is made of glass.

    Safety validated in roof-drop test
    The new Smart fortwo Cabrio is the most rigid smart cabrio ever. The torsional strength has been improved by around 15 percent compared with the predecessor. The material mix comprises a high proportion of ultra-high strength hot-formed steels and maximum-strength multiphase steels.

    In addition, the cabrio has been specifically reinforced in decisive places in comparison to the coupé. The modifications include a large steel cross under the vehicle, two torsional bulkheads under the vehicle at the front and rear and an inner tube in the A-pillars made of high strength hot-formed steel.

    As well as meeting the requirements of mandatory crash tests, the new smart fortwo cabrio – with a safety concept that includes the tridion safety cell typical of the brand for efficient energy absorption – also passes additional Mercedes-Benz crash tests that often have much stricter requirements. This includes the “roof-drop” test. Here the body falls at a slight angle from a height of 50 centimeters onto the roof structure and the vehicle hits one of the two A-pillars.

    Advanced assistance systems that were previously the reserve of higher classes of vehicle help to prevent accidents were also incorporated. These include the latest-generation ESP with Crosswind Assist and hill start assist (standard), forward collision warning (option) and Lane Keeping Assist (option).

    The new cabrio will initially be available with two state-of-the-art three-cylinder engines rated at 52 kilowatts or 90 horsepower. Both engines can be combined with the five-speed manual transmission or the fully automatic twinamic dual clutch transmission. Needless to say, the smart fortwo cabrio has the agility typical of the brand – at 6.95 meters (from kerb to kerb) and 7.30 meters (from wall to wall) turning maneuvers are extremely simple.


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