Smart introduces customer support app


Mobile communications provider Smart Communications (Smart) is employing a new customer service mobile application-based tool called CARA.

“When people find out that someone works for Smart, they often make service inquiries or ask for help, for example, in determining which postpaid plan to get,” Smart Vice President for Customer Experience Management Eden Techico said. “CARA will enable all 7,000 Smart employees—whether they are store front liners, engineers, or marketing staff—to serve as ambassadors and provide efficient assistance for free.”

CARA can help potential and existing subscribers to learn about the telco’s plan offers that fit their budget by estimating SMS, voice, and data usage. They can also submit a postpaid application through the app.

CARA helps Smart employees endorse cases to the proper internal channels for speedy resolution. These include follow-ups of pending transactions and billing-related concerns.

Smart’s Customer Experience Management and People groups have been holding several activities to inform Smart employees on how to use the app.

Only Smart employees can download CARA.

“We want all our people to be heroes for our customers, to look out for their welfare, and go the extra mile so that they get the best possible service,” said Smart executive vice president Ariel P. Fermin. “That’s why one of our key company values is ‘Be customer-inspired.’”

Earlier this year, Smart launched the Smart Switch machine in several Smart Stores to enable subscribers to copy contacts from their old phone to their new phone quickly and free of charge.

The machine also allows subscribers who are changing their phones to copy their old photos, videos, text messages, and calendar entries. It works even if the old and new phones come from different manufacturers.

Also to be found in Smart Stores are Digital Profilers, touch-screens that enable visitors to discover the features of devices and plans. These help them choose their plan even before their number is called by store personnel.

Smart has also made it easier for postpaid subscribers to pay their bills, through the banks (BPI, Metrobank, RCBC, etc.) and non-bank accredited payment channels (7-Eleven, Bayad Center, Smart Money, etc.).

“It is no small task to keep 70 million Smart, Sun, and TNT subscribers happy,” said Customer Experience Strategy and Operations Advisor Andrew Chong. “But all the employees of Smart are working very hard to uphold our commitment to give our subscribers an awesome customer experience. We continue to enhance customer service across all touch points in line with our promise of enabling our subscribers to benefit from meaningful innovation, and to live the ‘Smart Life,’”


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  1. Catalino Garcia on

    There is no such animal as “Customer Support” in the Philippines. Plenty of “Sorry For The Inconvenience” though.