Smart offers new data plans to consumers


MOBILE communication provider Smart Communications said Monday its new data offers to customers would further induce smartphone penetration in the local market.

For instance, it cited, shared data plans offer mobile customers a particular data allowance under a single account, which may be enjoyed by multiple users using multiple devices.

This, it said, could raise smartphone penetration in the country, which is currently at 40 percent, based on Ericsson’s 2015 data.

Smart Postpaid recently launched its “Shared Plan 999,” which provides three smartphones and three mobile numbers under a single account.

The plan is capable of sharing 6 gigabytes of mobile data volume per month, aside from unlimited calling within the three users.

Smart also offers data sharing to prepaid subscribers with its so-called “Big Bytes Barkada” offer, which allows a user to share his or her data allowance with other users by “passing” it in minimum 50-megabyte chunks.

The “Big Bytes Barkada 99” offers 700MB of data, valid for seven days, while the “Big Bytes Barkada 299” offers 2GB of data, valid for 30 days.

“We have rapidly expanded and continue to grow our range of digital services we collectively call ‘Smart Life,’ and worked with both low-cost and high-end smartphone manufacturers to make smartphones more ubiquitous,” said Ariel P. Fermin, executive vice president and head of the consumer business of both Smart and its parent company Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT).


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