• Smart Communications has smoking gun on Aquino’s stand-down order


    The Indonesian-Japanese venture Smart Communications has proof, or at least the smoking gun, for President Benigno S. Aquino’s “stand-down order” to the military, telling them not to save the police commandos trapped in Mamasapano.

    This is contained in the company’s log of SMS messages between Aquino and his bosom buddy, the resigned Police Chief Alan Purisima. The President in effect illegally designated Purisima—despite his being suspended—as his executive officer for the police elite unit Special Action Forces’ Oplan Exodus, the plan to terminate international terrorist Zulkifli Abdhir aka “Marwan” and two of his collaborators.

    As part of his sworn testimony to the Senate hearing last month, Purisima submitted a transcript of what he claimed was the exchange of SMS messages between him and Aquino on that fateful day.

    His first message was at 5:45 a.m., which in a self-congratulatory tone reported that Marwan was killed, the mission successful, although the body was left behind. Purisima sent seven more text messages, his last at 6:20 p.m.

    Aquino replied when he woke up, at 7:36 a.m., not to ask how the SAF troopers were but only as follows: “Why was it (Marwan’s body) left behind? The other two targets?” (Aquino’s second question reflected his intimate knowledge of the operation as he knew more than what the public had been told that there were only two targets, Marwan and his associate Basit Usman. Only when this transcript of SMS messages was submitted by Purisima and inquiries made why Aquino referred to two targets did the government disclose there was a third target, who got away – another Malaysian bomb expert, Amin Baco.)

    But according to Purisima’s testimony, Aquino’s last message was at 10:16 a.m.

    This is impossible. Aquino couldn’t have abruptly ended his communication with Purisima at 10:16 a.m. This even contradicts Aquino’s statement in his impromptu speech before the SAF on Jan 31 that “he was receiving reports the whole day” on the ongoing firefight.

    Deleted? Facsimile of Purisima’s affidavit claiming SMS exchanges between him and Aquino on Jan 25.

    Deleted? Facsimile of Purisima’s affidavit claiming SMS exchanges between him and Aquino on Jan 25.

    The most crucial hours of the firefight were around midday, when the SAF 55th company commandos – ironically the “blocking force” – were being overrun and massacred.

    That was the life-or-death period when Purisima would have told Aquino how desperate the situation of the SAF troopers was, and when Aquino, the commander-in-chief, should have issued his crucial orders to save them. Testimonies at the Senate and, more recently, at the House of Representatives yesterday bolster this newspaper’s Feb 5 report that President Aquino ordered his troops to “stand down” for the sake of his peace talks with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), whose forces have attacked and massacred the SAF troopers.

    As SAF officers’ testimonies revealed yesterday, how could veteran army generals invoke the “peace talks” as their reason for withholding artillery fire they knew could save the lives of their comrades-in-arms, if they were not just quoting the President’s orders?

    Based on all the testimonies of Aquino’s officials in the Senate, only Purisima was reporting to him, except for a single message the interior and local government secretary sent to him early morning, to which the President replied with an obviously dismissive “Thank you.” Or perhaps Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Chief of Staff Gregorio Catapang was actually briefing him the whole day, which means the general was lying, committing perjury in his testimonies at the Senate as he stated he didn’t have cellphone communications with the President that day.

    Purisima is obviously taking the Senate and us for fools by testifying that Aquino’s last message was at 10:16 a.m. He is covering up for his bosom friend.

    Why did he delete Aquino’s messages after that early hour of the daylong crisis?

    Because Aquino’s messages would have indisputably shown that he ordered his forces to stand down, as army actions to save the SAF troops could have endangered his peace talks. The messages would most probably show that he told Purisima that he had spoken with peace adviser Teresita Deles, who assured him that the MILF had issued a ceasefire order to its troops.

    From Aquino’s behavior, I would bet he cursed Purisima again and again for the botched operation.

    This reminds us of the infamous 18-minute gap in the 79-minute conversation between US President Nixon and his chief of staff, Bob Haldeman, which had obviously been deleted deliberately as it would have shown his complicity in the Watergate break-in cover-up. (At least Nixon agreed to submit the tapes to Congress. In our case, our Congress has been too timid to ask Aquino to surrender his cellphone.)

    But modern technology could come to our rescue so the truth would come out, even if Aquino and Purisima refuse to submit their cellphones for investigation.

    Smart Communications, operator of the cellphones Aquino and Purisima used, has confirmed that it stores the logs — but not the messages — of SMS sent through its system.

    These would show whether or not there were other SMS messages exchanged between the cellphones of Aquino and Purisima, or between the President and his other officials that day. It would be a smoking gun if the logs showed there were other SMS exchanges between the two that Purisima did not include in his affidavit.

    Why hasn’t Smart complied with the Senate’s request for it to submit these logs?

    I do hope Smart Communications would be patriotic enough to submit to Congress the SMS records of Aquino and Purisima — and even of Gen. Gregorio Catapang and his field commanders — so the truth can be established, which is important for strengthening our rule of law.

    What am I talking about asking Smart to be patriotic?

    It is a foreign-owned firm. A 100-percent subsidiary of Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co., Smart, therefore, is 46 percent owned by foreign firms, with the next biggest single stockholding bloc of only 8 percent being owned by Filipino John Gokongwei. About 26 percent is owned by the First Pacific Co. Ltd of Hong Kong, of which, 45 percent is held by Indonesian Anthoni Salim, son of former Indonesian strongman Suharto’s biggest crony, the late Sudono. The other 20 percent is held by the Japanese giant NTT, which is in charge of the firm’s technology. (Its chairman, Manuel V. Pangilinan, has 0.11 percent)

    Foreigners control a strategic, near-monopoly communications firm that provides crucial telecom services for the battles fought by our military. Foreigners now hold information that would determine indisputably whether this President, deliberately or not, allowed 44 of our elite troopers to be massacred?

    What a pathetic country we’ve become.

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    1. INTRIGA lang ito! Malinaw na hindi lamang hindi nag-order ng “STAND DOWN” si PNoy, sinigurado pa niya na sila’y may REINFORCED ng AFP!

      Lt. Gen. Rustico Guerrero’s testimony at House Hearing, 8 April 2015, on Mamasapano Massacre of January 25, 2015

      Your honor noong araw po’ng yun (25 Jan 2015) ang isip n gating pangulo ay to brief him on a Zamboanga car bomb blast. So yon po ang topic namin for that day and we prepare for that on January 24, the day before. Dumating po ang ating pangulo at 10:20. So pagpasok po doon sa Edwin Andrews Air Base, sa VIP lounge, there was a prepared VIP room. And so he entered the room and we waited for him to start the conference. At around, before 12, hindi pa po kami nakapag-usap about sa briefing ko about the car blast in Guian. So ah… I was called by the president to a room inside the VIP lounge. He ask me about the updates in Central Mindanao (Mamasapano, Maguindanao). So what I told him is the telephone call of Gen. Espina (Acting CPNP DDG Leonardo Espina, telling me or informing me that the SAF had an encounter in the area of Maguindanao. And so I told the president that after that I received two text from Gen. Purisima. Telling me na Bok, can I call you. What I’m saying now is included in my sworn statement your honor. At 6:07 I received a phone from Gen Espina, this is the first time that I was informed about the incident, 6:04 AM. At 6:07 I called up Gen. Pangilinan so that I would know what is happening in his area of responsibility. Sinabi po niya sa akin na may nareceived siyang text from Director Napenas. Informing him that they are going to conduct a Police operations, future tense po yong text ni Gen. Napenas kay Gen. Pangilinan, which he read at about 6.. 0600 o alas Sais po ng umaga. So I told him na tinawagan ako ni Gen. Espina humihingi ng tulong o assistance, so I directed him being his direct superior, I told him to provide support. The necessary support to the SAF in his area of responsibility. Yon po yung sinabi ko kay presidente, after that we went back to the conference room briefing about the Zamboanga car bomb blast.

    2. The questions about Penoy’s role in the Mamasapano incident will not stop as long as questions are not answered.Be truthful Penoy.

    3. And still we have Benigno continuing as president. What is wrong mga kababayan ko? Have you gotten so used to being trampled upon that you no longer care how Benigno has been abusing this country and its people? What will it take to rouse your feelings and out of your stupor, to go out and cry ENOUGH! NO MORE!

    4. Someone suggested that people should stop subscribing for Smart communications until it will release the whole transcript of the conversations between Pres. Aquino and his generals. A smart idea!

    5. mindanao is a big business for AFP, kaya may separatist tayo. Pag wala gulo, wala rin silang kita. Peace will never be attain with this people plus may sumasawsaw pang malaysia. Kung ng gov’t tapusin yan matagal na. e iilan lang yan.

    6. Grrrrrrrrr. PNoy is a pathological liar, incompetent psychopath. Hopeless Phippines with a commander in chief determined to protect BBL at the expense of 44 SAF and others. He lacks conscience and empathy.

    7. Smart communications and it’s hipocracy! Fraud! Ano nanaman tinatago nila? Magkano kaya binayad sa kanila?

      Grabe wala nang pag asa ang bansa – presidenteng ganyan at mga kumpanyang katulad ng SMART!

    8. The investigation should not be limited to SMS exchanges, but also to voice calls between Noynoy and Purisima (and perhaps to other involved parties). Smart should be required to submit all voice-call logs made on that day, as part of the baseline for asking questions on what they talked about.

    9. Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

      I discovered na TEXT-TEXT lang pag mga big and sensitive operations. Ginagamit lang nila ang VOICE CALLS kung LANDIAN.

    10. have you noticed that aquino’s anomalous activites are no longer kept as secret? GOD is pissed.

    11. jesus nazario on

      The Nixon 18-miniute gap vs BSA/Purisama’s 8+ hours. No rocket science is needed to conclude what really happened. That’s a no-brainer !

      • finally, a sane comment. LoL
        men are dying, and the president is incommunicado for 8 hours?! who the hell will believe that?!

    12. Abnoy-noyingski on

      Benigno Kuha-ko Akin-na, hayaan mo na yan si Ramon Lucas, marami talagang taong bulag, o kaya naman tanga gaya ng presidente nila.

    13. With all these Mamasapano incident investigations finished it only lead to grand cover up of Pnoy and all his allies. No one will ever believe that Pnoy has nothing to do with it. The people will get a vengeance against Pnoy in the next year elections. The likes of Mar Roxas, Drillon and Guingona will most likely take a beating next year. With the rising prices of all prime commodities these economic indicators they are claiming means nothing to the common people simply the rich became more richer. A lower prices of prime commodities is the best indicators of economy as it will be always be understood by the common tao.

      • Edward Larubis on

        I agree with you. Damn Dumber Leadership it buried the Filipinos 100 meters below ground.

    14. By not coming clean on the record, PNoy and Puri only invite more speculations, justified or otherwise. The mere fact that they are hiding the whole truth give credence to the speculations.

      As for Smart/PLDT, there is much to gain in this situation.
      Let’s see whether the mother unit Metro Pacific and PLDT get any future concessions from this admin.


    15. expect metro pacific group to get more concessions and all. suddenly they can win bids form now on. ha ha ha

    16. Lerma P. Jacinto on

      PNoy and Purisima can not fool the Filipino people. The reason why the 2 do not want to submit their celphones for forensic investigation is because they are HIDING THE TRUTH. Determining their messages/conversation after 10:16 a.m (the most crucial time for the SAF’s 55th and 84th companies in Mamasapano) on Jan. 25 would have exposed the guilt of these BFFs. We, hope that someday soon, a court ruling will compel Smart to release Purisima’s text/call logs w/ PNoy. For now, it’s still a long way to TRUTH and JUSTICE for the Fallen 44 and the 14 other civilians who perished in the debacle.. But a day of reckoning will always come.

    17. Ka Tiglao it is 100% stand down order by the traitor and coward President to protect the peace process and his friends the terrorist MILF.It is treason,criminal and murder on the massacre of the Fallen 44.Need to bring a transition government civilian/military to deal with the security threat internally and externally in which our coward president could not handle.He should be shot in front of a firing squad for what he did.No civilize leader in this world would ever ever abandon and betrayed their men.

    18. Ay naku po! Ang kagaguhan ng ating pangulo at ng kanyang kaibigan…silang dalawa ay sanay na sanay po sa kagaguhan at kasinungalingan…! This country has been duped! The masa electorate has elected a lemon…and the lemon appointed his bff as chief of the PNP…naku po naman! Bayan ko, binihag ka. Nasadlak sa dusa.

    19. Communications and electric power plants companies should be owned 100% by a Pilipinos this a national security issue.Ports and airport included.Some politician doesnt care about anything except the corruption money what about the security of your families do you care.

    20. gil arellano on

      these are the words used by Hillary Clinton during the U S embassy siege in Libya…

    21. I think that the Senate and congress investigation should be issuing a perjury charges for obvious reason. Otherwise, it anybody’s wildest imagination!…

    22. If there was a specific order from the President not to save the SAF 44 that was indeed a bad decision from a President who until now continues to believe on Ferrer and Deles.

      • Fernando Punzal on

        if there was indeed an order to stand down, then this is not a mere bad decision but
        rather a criminal act that resulted to the death of the 44 SAF men.

    23. This country is all fucked-up. We have major businesses that are not following the 40:60 ownership between foreigners and locals as prescribed in our constitution. Therefore our SEC is not doing their job but for personal reasons only? Our dirty politicians with their friends in the private business loves to turn over all our major government utilities to private entities not for the good of the country but to enrich themselves and their business partners. The result : electricity rates, water rates and others are now one of the highest rates in this planet. Let’s change our political system through some constitutional amendments to remove these political dynasties and let other honest leaders rule our poor country. President Aquino is just a product of a political dynasty family, a non performing former congressman and a senator, so it is expected he is not only non performing but very inept and hypocritical in all his actions.

    24. “What a pathetic country we’ve become.” Indeed, the moral values of the political leaders have gone to the dogs.

    25. Ramon. Lucas on

      It is so easy to criticize.As soldier ,it is understandable that the Commander in Chief has the sole prerogative to choose whoever has his/her confidence. We should understand that the mission was accomplished albeit with a sad outcome. “Victory has so many parents,while failure is an orphan”

      We also have to remember that President Aquino for all his shortcomings is not a corrupt leader nor vindictive. He could have easily trumped upped charges towards his late father’s enemies when he became president but refused to do so.

      What i have a hard time comprehending is the dependence of the Philippine Military to engage in unsecured communications via text messages.Thats is unforgivable if not outright ridiculous.

      By the way,The Philippines is and will never be a pathetic country.That is your perception…… with all due respect.

      • apolonio reyes on

        Our Military, DND, bought 21 IH-1D Huey Vietnam Vinatage Helicopters that could not fly using DAP and could not buy satellite communication equipments, WHY ? MAYBE NALILIITAN SA COMMISSION, DI BA RAMON?
        What will happen to our country when it takes our Generals, mostly PMAyers, 13 hour to locate our enemies and could not order even the flying of their ONLY two helicopters to locate their enemies, HOW PATHETIC OUR AFP, SIRS, DI BA RAMON?

      • Benigno Kuha-Ko, Akin-Na on

        not corrupt? Ano ang ginawa nila sa PDAF and DAP na binuksan ang kaban para nakawin. Corruption din ang tawag sa kinukunsinti ang mali ng mga kabinete nya. Nagbigay ng bribe money to convict Chief Justice Corona at ipasa ang RH Bill, hindi ba corruption iyon.

        not vindictive? hindi nyo ba naririnig yung mga madalas na paninisi ni pee-Noy sa mga speeches nya?

        Sorry. Mr. Lucas – sa Pilipinas ka ba nakatira? or myembro ka ng Yellow Cult.

      • Aquino has completely corrupted our government. Remember he doubled and then tripled the Pork Barrel before he started a new bribing method, the DAP. The President should not be the leader of bribes. He should be the one making sure bribes never happen. He should be the leader in stamping out corruption. He should never be the leader in spreading corruption. The president is the executive to make sure the laws are followed.

      • Are you real? Not vindictive and corrupt? Come on – you’re kidding me! You must be PNoy himself disguised or you wouldn’t say these things! Or maybe you’re just another yellow tard!

    26. Samuel Santos on

      Mr. President, buking na buking na po kayo. You have no other alternative but to resign, lest your conscience bother you every minute of your remaining life.

    27. As in the case of wiretapping, is there a way of filing a petition to the SC to ‘force’ Smart Communications to provide the transcript of the conversations between B.S. Aquino and the rest of the army/PNP officers?

      Just like a ‘blister’ when it started, the ‘cancer’ caused by the seemingly harmless petty corruptions in the past, has beocme “stage 4” cancer, putting the country in a pathetic situation, really.

      We need expose’s and analysis like this article, especially during election campaign time, to guide the ‘not-bobotante’ voters.

      Peace agreement at the expense of the lives of the 44 SAF members? To the CIC, “man up, sir”!

      • His attack dogs, for sure, has already done that. Consider the long period of time na hindi nila inilabas agad. enough time to edit, erase, whatever secret messages they need to hide from us that will reveal the truth. There’s no doubt in the minds of many Filipinos that AbNoy ORDERED the military thru Gen. Caduwag este Catapang pala to STAND DOWN. WHO ELSE CAN GIVE THAT ORDER besides Abnoy? Let[s not make ourselves fools by believing the unbelievable (sic). We need to know the exchange of messages or calls between 10am to 6:30pm of that fateful day between BFFs AbNoy and Purosama. Let’s see if Abnoy’s HUMAN UMBRELLA that is Mar the Insultuhin Roxas, can do something else to shield him from the rays of sun that is the barrage of unsatisfied Filipinos to the outcome of washy-washy investigations. TIT___ NYO!!!

    28. Will a patriotic bank stand up and come out to fund a new cell phone company that shall be fully owned by Filipinos which shall be at the service of our people? Will the people at NTC be patriotic enough to provide the frequency allocation for this new phone company and temporarily mitigate their greed in asking for payola before granting the frequency allocation?

    29. If SMART is not patriotic enough.

      Let the Filipinos put them out of BUSINESS.
      Let the WIVES & Families lead the march to Mendiola Bridge
      and the Filipinos at their back – following to protect them.

      Let the wives of the 44 SAF men stranglehold the President
      to DEATH while we sing “Ang Bayan Ko”

      If only Cardinal Sin is still alive – we Filipinos can depend on him.
      Cardinal Tagle is no Cardinal Sin.

    30. How can Smart produce all the text exchanges between Alan and PNoy when the MVP group is an oligarchy and Manuel a crony of PNoy? As a lawless administration, they will only throw in the garbage what the inquest or the courts will request form Smart.

    31. Sa bansang pinas!patriotic at love of country!hehehehe!business muna bago ang mga ito!
      6 months after,at buhay pa ang SAF 44!story!!pagwala ng treat sa business nila!at nararamdaman nila kung sino ang papalit kay Aquino!
      Lahat ng gusto natin malaman! Magkakaroon ng liwanag!
      Sa ngayon wag na tayong umasa!walang mga bayag ang tao ngayon!
      May lason pa ang kagat ni Aquino!

    32. How do we know that the logs are still available? It could have been removed by some powerful men who can do harm to those who does not follow orders. Businessmen’s priority is to protect their business (foreigh or local). Smoking gun has just became smokeless without the evidence.

    33. I Remember... on

      Sorry to say, but all those Chinese and Indonesian don’t care of this story… they go for MONEY.

      And the Pres don’t care also… only his image