Smartmatic admits using unofficial servers


THE CAMP of former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. was surprised to learn directly from Smartmatic that it used several servers apart from those sanctioned by the Commission on Elections during the May 2016 elections.

He cited the admission of Marlon Garcia, head of the Technical Support Team of Venezuela’s Smartmatic, that aside from the three servers sanctioned by the Comelec in the transmission of votes under the Automated Election System (AES), there also existed a “meet me room” where several servers were housed.

“This is a good day for Senator Marcos’ quest for truth because they (Smartmatic) finally admitted the existence of several other servers aside from the three legally authorized servers,” Rodriguez told reporters after a hearing on Thursday at the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.

Smartmatic lawyer George Aquino denied there were major changes at the height of the transmission of votes on May 9 when the almost one-million margin of Marcos was overtaken by his rival, then Camarines Sur representative and now Vice President Maria Leonor “Leni” Robredo.

He said it was a simple change in a typographical error, changing to “?” to “ñ.”
“The media noticed the error, so technical people corrected it,” said Aquino.

Aquino said the correction of the typographical error was not connected with the results.
He also denied that there was manipulation of votes.

“The votes from the Voting Counting Machines were sent to the Central Server and the Transparency Server. When they reached the Transparency Server the votes were not transferred to anywhere. So, there was no way to manipulate it,” Aquino pointed out.

Secret servers

Marcos’ camp earlier revealed the existence of a “Fourth Server” or the “Queue Servers” that had been kept secret from the public by both the Comelec and Smartmatic.

Rodriguez pointed out that instead of the votes being transmitted directly to the three servers, namely the Municipal Board of Canvassing Server, the Comelec Server and the Transparency Server, the results were first coursed through “Queue Servers.”

This was not divulged to the public and was never subjected to a source code review unlike the other servers used in the elections, said Rodriguez.

He added that there were no poll watchers for these servers.

Ever since the camp of Marcos made the disclosure about the existence of the “Queue Servers” last May, both the Comelec and Smartmatic have been tight-lipped on its existence.

However, during the clarificatory hearing at the Manila Prosecutors’ Office on the complaint for violation of the Cybercrime Law filed by former Abakada representative Jonathan de la Cruz against Smartmatic and Comelec personnel, Garcia admitted that there existed a “meet me room” where the several servers were located.

When the prosecuting panel started asking questions, information technology (IT) expert Ethan Angeles explained that the “Queue Server” was a system wherein all the election data would be first consolidated and processed before releasing the same to the public. It was only then when Garcia denied that there was such a server.

Rodriguez said the admission of the existence of several other servers in the AES validated their earlier contention that indeed Smartmatic was not forthright about the details of the system it employed during the elections, putting the integrity of the May polls under a cloud of doubt.

Simply stated, the election results which were broadcast to the public did not come directly from the transparency servers, as mandated by law.

Instead, the results were first transmitted to a “Queue Server” where they were “consolidated and processed” and it was this “Queue Server” that sent the data to the so-called transparency servers.


Charged with violation of Section 4(a) of the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 or R.A. 10175 were Garcia, a Venezuelan national; Elie Moreno, an Israeli national and project director; Neil Baniqued and Mauricio Herrera, both members of the Technical Support Team, and Comelec IT experts led by Rouie Peñalba, Nelson Herrera and Frances Mae Gonzalez who were all assigned to the Information Technology Department.

Aside from acknowledging the existence of the other servers, Garcia also admitted that he introduced changes in the Transparency Server and that he did so with the concurrence of Peñalba.

Rodriguez pointed out, however, that Garcia’s claim was inconsistent with the earlier pronouncements made by Peñalba in an urgent memorandum he submitted before the Comelec, wherein he stated that he never authorized the change in the script because he did not have any authority to give consent.

“During the clarificatory hearing, Garcia admitted that even without any authority, he changed the script in the system. He committed another blunder when he told the panel that he got his authority from Comelec employee Rouie Peñalba. Based on Rouie Peñalba’s urgent Memorandum dated May 11, however, he expressly stated two things – one, that he did not authorize Marlon Garcia to tinker with the system and second, that he himself did not have any authority from the Comelec to allow anybody to tinker with the system,” he pointed out.

Rodriguez also lauded the decision of the investigating panel hearing the violation of the Cybercrime Law not to allow Smartmatic to motu proprio make an audiovisual presentation on the AES since this was against accepted procedures.

When the hearing ended, the investigating panel ordered the respondents to submit their rejoinder and answer questions raised by the complainant on July 29, after which all parties will be given 10 days to submit their respective replies.


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  1. let truth comes out….cheating and the likes must stop….i personally believe now that drilon, delima,honteveros, recto, and all other lp senatorial candidates benefited from this scam, kakahiya kayo! especially the current vp, leni, kung may natitira pa sa iyong degnidad for the sake of your husbands name….please resign…why? you are not the people’s choice,…you are the smartmatic choice!…shame on you all who are cheaters, this is a crime…paging President Duterte, please do something on this…this must end!

  2. The quest for truth continues! The dishonorable COMELEC chairman and his henchmen should be removed from office!

  3. A comelec employee who became a whistleblower and was part of the cheating said that BBM was cheated of about 3M votes, therefore BBM’s vote should be 17M and so Duterte who got 16M votes was also cheated. Drilon got 18M which was impossible so it showed that there was dagdag votes since he never was #1 on the surveys before the election. And I guess robredo’s votes of 14M was subject to dagdag votes also like Drilon’s.

  4. please kung may masasabi pang integidad ang mga Pinoy please magrally kayo para mahusgahan na ang mga nagkamali,itama ang dapat itama,ilagay na sa dapat kalagyan ang mga totoong nanalo. Parang awa na ninyo kayong mga nasa judicial system,please wag na po ninyong patagalin…Bakit naging sobrang napakababa ang ating moralida,mababa? o Talagang wala na talaga?

  5. Pls check kung nanalo talaga si Epal Villanueva, De Lima, Hontiveros, Gatchalian…no.1 Driloink? No.2 si Roxas??? Bigyan ng lektion yung mastermind niyan na akala niya sa lahat ng oras at lahat ng bagay “sikat” sila!

  6. If I were Marlon Garcia, I would ask to be a state witness if I want to escape jail and go home.

  7. Is marlon garcia relly that stupid? He is either coming out clean or confident the they already removed all incriminating evidence… either way bbm is vindicated… big time…

  8. Usurper and the accessories that fix her have put a stop plan in place so to minimize their damages. Smartmatic group being the weakest link will absorb the bulk of heinous act. Comelec the formidable shock absorber would withstood the blow.

    Left smili’n is still the usurper. Where’s the SC? “Too late the hero” cited the comelec commissioner-in-chief.

  9. Just let out the truth and let justice prevail. I don’t think it was just robredo’s votes that were tampered. I think even the senatorial votes were. Drilon getting 18 M, higher than Duterte? And de Lime, Hontiveros? Who knew Hontiveros? For once, let those who are guilty suffer the consequences. It is not only drugs that are a menace to us but worst, politicians who manipulate everything for their personal interests. Who said Pnoy’s trust rating is high? The survey probably asked the wrong question. With all the mess his admin left behind, we should put him and his cohorts behind bars!!!!!!

  10. Miguel Aumentado Paculan on

    After due process and Bautista will be found guilty beyond reasonable doubt he must be impeached as Chairman of COMELEC.

    For Leni”gaw” start preparing now. As a lawyer, you should devote your time who was the mastermind in the killing of your spouse, Jesse Robredo.

    • floro salinas on

      Time to get out of your political party mam vp. save yourself.
      I can not believe, you did cheat.

  11. Smartmatic is should pay a high price if proven that they tamper our election results. It a treason no amount of money can compensate the damage that has been done. All personnel involved should be put behind bar and we have to unearth the big guy that run the show.

  12. The admission of Marlon Garcia of Smartmatic that there was a 4th server is only the tip of the ice burg that will ruin the integrity of the Comelec, Noynoying Aquino and his Yellow goons!…Chairman Bautista and other commissioners involve in the syndicate of high jacking the Election 2016 should be punished accordingly if proven guilty…Include Pnoy and the Yellow goons as well!…Shame on you!…

  13. Panahon na para lumabas ang katotohanan…ibig bA sabihin nito walang Alam ang ninoy admin? Ganuon bA Sila ka desperate na hu wag Maupo si VP Bong bong Marcos?

  14. Pwede ng paimbestigahan sa NBI ang COMELEC at SMARTMATIC kasi malinaw na may krimen naganap. Kailangan din ilagay sa Justice Department ang mga COMPUTERS at SERVERS na ginamit at selyohan kasi ito na ang mga ebidensya at isailalim na sa pagsusuri. Mabigat itong i ibinunyag ng SMARTMATIC at hindi nila gagawin ito kung hindi kasama ang mga nakakataas na taong gobyerno.

  15. Romeo Tuazon on

    Recount the vote and stop pointing fingers. That is the only way to find who is legally elected.

  16. The ground zero of cheating should be reckoned just after this smartmatic got into the picture in connivance with Comelec. If they can prove the cheating now then all of the proclaimed winner since day one is a fake winner!
    BBM has been a senator since and yet he didn’t lift a finger to rectify this but when it finally caught up with him he makes hell.

  17. Leodegardo Pruna on

    The time of reckoning has come. Leni’s position is in jeopardy. The ensuing hearings/investigation will unearth P-Noy’s authorship of the matter just to make sure that BBM would not make it and that he could escape all possible charges through Leni. God save the Philippines. God bless the Philippines.

    • Leni’s position is never in jeopardy. It is never her’s to begin with. Let us get our thinking straight about this issue.

    • And the senators as well…it is unbelievable Osmeña and Guingona cannot win over certain personalities.

    • Some and others wouldn’t mind Madame Robredo’s as officially the next heir to the throne order. Now till her term expires in May 2021 she remains our lady veepe. Her smiles wouldn’t connect to us if she’s a fake V.P. And seeing her force out is humiliation for our kind.

  18. Philippines going to allow Comelec to continue to refuse to conduct a system audit ?

    A system audit is the only way to prove the cheating that everyone knows happened which is why Comelec refuses to conduct it.

    The government should seize the servers and audit the system which will prove what really was done by Smartmatic and Comelec.

  19. This admission of marlon garcia from smartmatic will open the Pandora box full of election cheating perpetrated by penoy and mar to favor him (mar) and other candidates from their party. The public will not be surprised if this election anomaly will show that President Duterte is also a victim of this dagdag bawas modus operandi by the previous administration.

  20. jeff jaramillo on

    Hehehe, if I remember it right, Bautista once said: too late the hero. Meaning the complaint of Marcos was filed late. He smiled with arrogance.

    Ngayon, maghanda ka, Bautistang hangal, suitik, kriminal

    • Better late than never . . . he he he
      how can vp leni be all smiles (to the ears) with “stolen votes”?
      PDU30 has never smiled the “all smiles” even with 16M “honest votes”!
      The truth shall set us all free, hopefully soon enough.
      Carry on, BBM!
      If cheaters are spiritually deprived of conscience, BBM’s experts in comp science shall check such cheaters connivance.