• Smartmatic: It’s a lie that Lord Mallock Brown met with Aquino


    In the interest of truth and fairness, we trust that your publication would allow us to set right a bald-faced lie that had been spread against us.

    Your columnist, Mr. Kit Tatad claimed in a recent piece (Stop Smartmatic and Lord Malloch-Brown, July 9, 2015) that our Chairman Lord Mark Malloch Brown met with President Benigno Aquino and two of his siblings during his recent visit to the country. This is an outright falsehood.

    At no instance did Mr. Malloch Brown meet with the President or any member of his family, whether in person, over the telephone, or by any other means. In fact, they had not been in any form of correspondence for three decades. Perhaps it would be prudent for this paper to remind Mr. Tatad that being an opinion writer does not exempt one from practicing journalism ethics, and that the privilege of having a column in a national newspaper is no license to publish wild and unfounded stories that are mere figments of one’s delusion.

    It is worrisome and profoundly sad when a personality of Mr. Tatad’s stature would use his column as a bully pulpit from where he could propagate lies to malign the reputation of others.

    Best regards,

    July 16, 2015


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    1. Justaskingseriously on

      How does anybody know that you are not just denying something that would be undeniable? Undeniable it is just because Kit Tatad would not be bereft of strong connections with the center of power. Kit Tatad would have had no inkling of what you people are doing if he had no source(s) to back up his revelations. Kit Tatad even writes your Lord’s name with a hyphen. How would he have known that? Just because you choose to eliminate the hyphenated names does not make it so. How would Kit have known about your Lord’s manipulation of Cory Aquino? And how would Kit have kinown about your smartmatic manipulation of the 2010 and 2013 elections? You deny those illegal activities too? Of course you would deny it to avoid incriminating yourselves. Why would Kit Tatad and the members of the National Transformation Council put their lives on the line as crusaders for the restoration of ethics in public service? Their crusade stems from the radical corruption of the election process. You can be proud of your underhanded tactics that gave rise to the crusade against foreign and local anomalies in governance. Why don’t you just pack up and go? Your kind of ventures are misadventures.