• Smartmatic replies to Mr. Tatad’s January 4 column


    [Note: This letter is addressed directly to Times columnist Francisco S. Tatad.]

    We are writing in relation to your column in The Manila Times dated January 04, 2017 “ Did NTC save Trump from getting cheated?” The item mentioned our company, Smartmatic, in the recent issues of hacking in the United States, and please allow us to address allegations discussed in your commentary.

    Election hacking controversy in the US. Smartmatic did not own, nor operate, any voting equipment used in the 2016 US Presidential elections. More than a decade ago, we designed, manufactured and sold highly secure, U.S.-certified electronic voting technology to the U.S. market. Although some of this technology were used during the 2016 US elections, Smartmatic did not offer support services to any county. These rumors about Smartmatic participating in the election were proven false by reputable sources such as the Washington Post (https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-intersect/wp/2016/10/24/what-was-fake-on-the-internet-this-election-george-soross-voting-machines/?utm_term=.4daa2e54f100) and ProPublica (https://projects.propublica.org/electionland/national/no-soros-does-not-own-voting-machines/)

    Connection with George Soros. George Soros has zero ownership or involvement in our company. Smartmatic has no ties to political parties or groups in any country and we abide by a strict code of ethics that forbids the company from donating to any political campaigns of any kind.

    Email servers and voter registers are not voting or counting machines. It is important to clarify that the two main incidents which sparked the international controversy that is today referred as the “Hacking of the US election” have nothing to do with voting or counting machines. Neither the email servers like the ones hacked nor the online voter register systems hacked in Arizona and Illinois store or process votes. As noted in the Washington Post article found on this link: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/post-politics/wp/2016/12/12/wisconsin-completes-recount-reaffirming-trumps-victory/?utm_term=.fba8c8768c1a), the recount process conducted in Wisconsin only confirmed the reliability of election technology over manual processes.

    We are proud of our reputation and track record of having handled more than 3.7 billion votes across five continents. We at Smartmatic are committed to the utmost standard of transparency in our technology, in the elections we service and in democratic institutions around the world.

    General Manager
    Smartmatic Philippines
    Januay 13, 2017


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    1. Elie Moreno. Sinong niloloko mo about transparency? Eh, di ba, katulong nga kayo nakawin ang Vice Pesidency ke BBM noong last election. Tapos pinagtatakpan nyo pa si ‘ComeLeaks’ Bautista sa pandaraya nyo…

    2. BS to the max !!! SMTT as usual is skirting the root issues on why right-thinking Filipinos and Filipino journalists (such as Kit Tatad) have such terribly bad impression on SMTT – for myriads of reasons on their sordid performance over 3 national and 1 regional automated Philippine elections where this company of marketeers was involved. It does not mean that for surviving the litany of travesties you committed on our democracy over some 9 to 10 years, you are as pure as newly-fallen snow and will enjoy a perpetual shackle on our electoral system. Just wait a few months and you will be slapped with the just punishments that you deserve. Just wait. They are coming !

    3. This explanation will not change the distrust and big blunder Smartmatic did to the last May 9 ekection in my country, the Philippines. The insertion of script in the middle of vote counting when Marcos, Jr. was way ahead in million votes vs Leni robredo, will not erase the misdeeds that your company created in the mind of many Filipinos. The rampant cheating happened all thru out the world at Phil embassies overseas where the vote they cast went to Robredo instead of Marcos. And the vote counting machines with preshaded ballots , reportedly kept in separate warehouse in Lucena City,per instruction of Malacanang reported by Iglesia ni Kristo church members , the threat in ARMM / MIndanao by local LP that many Filipinos failed to cast their ballot because they were told that it is closed disallowing them to enter the voting precinct.. And in Pangasinan were many preshaded ballots were found in thrash cans during the election. You lost all your credibility ,period.

      • Amazing litany of Marcos grievances. The script change issue is comical to say the least because server machine is different to the database machine. However, let the grievances with hard evidences be heard and let the truth be known in a proper venue. First time for me to see all these complaints against Leni’s victory. I hope your source/s are not fake sites/stories.