‘SMEs are custodians of tomorrow’


Sustainability is no longer an option but rather a responsibility of entrepreneurs as caring for the environment is needed to secure a successful business, according to E-motors Inc. Chief Executive Officer Beth Lee.

Lee, who spoke about the importance of companies to work towards sustainability during the Asia SME Summit held on Wednesday at the Manila Marriott Hotel, told entrepreneurs that they have a responsibility to build a sustainable nation.

She described entrepreneurs as “custodians of tomorrow.”

“Whether we accept or not, we as entrepreneurs have the responsibility to create lasting change in business and in the economy, Lee emphasized. “The future of our business depends on us.”

Lee pointed out that sustainability is becoming a global trend of successful brands or companies that are able to do well in the world of business by doing good for their communities.

An example that she cited is that of her own company, E-motors Inc. who manufactures three-wheeled electric tricycles.

Lee pointed out that the firm’s main objective with its products is to contribute to efforts to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, a key source of climate change.

She noted that according to various studies, people breathe in an average of 20 kilograms of polluted air everyday.

The CEO stressed that it is vital for entrepreneurs to consider sustainability part of their business plans to effectively meet the expectations of more socially conscious consumers.
“To be successful, companies and their brands need to make sustainability part of their business,” Lee said.


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