Smoking ban takes FULL enforcement in Muntinlupa


Smoking in public evolves as taboo in Muntinlupa as the local government goes full swing in the implementation of its Comprehensive Smoke Free Ordinance in October. Mayor Jaime Fresnedi encouraged locals to quit smoking as it poses risk to smoker’s and others’ health and urged the public to report to authorities incidences of persons smoking in public places. Starting on Tuesday next week, members of the Smoke-Free Task Force and authorized enforcers will be reprimanding anyone within the jurisdiction of the city smoking in public places but with no penalties yet. After the leeway period, violators will be issued citation tickets with fines of up to P2,500 or eight hours community service for smoking and up to P5,000 or 14 hours community service for violation of sales restriction and advertising ban. Under the ordinance, smoking tobacco products and e-cigarette (vapes) or e-shisha is prohibited in places accessible to the public regardless of ownership, workplaces, government facilities, outdoor areas where people gather, except for designated smoking areas.


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