Snap poll proclaims Clinton winner of final debate


    LAS VEGAS: Hillary Clinton won the final presidential debate on Wednesday (Thursday in Manila) according to an instant survey, getting a 13-point lead over Donald Trump in a CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll.

    The snap poll results showed 52 percent of 547 respondents thought Clinton did well, against 39 percent for Trump.

    But this was an improvement for the Republican candidate, who got 27 percent and 34 percent in the quick polls following the first and second debates, respectively.

    The Democrat’s rating was lower compared with her 62 percent and 57 percent showing in the first and second debates.

    The third televised debate in Las Vegas saw Trump double down on claims that the Clinton camp plans to rig the vote, as he said he would keep the public “in suspense” on whether or not he would recognize the result of the toxic 2016 campaign.

    Trump had come into the final face-off looking to restore hope to his campaign just 20 days before Election Day.

    Asked whether he would commit to recognizing the result of the November 8 vote no matter what, the reality television star said: “I’ll tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense, okay?”

    Clinton declared herself “appalled” by what she said was an attack on 240 years of US democracy.

    And, quoting her former rival Bernie Sanders, she called Trump the “most dangerous person to run for president in the modern history of America.”

    Dogged by allegations of sexual misconduct, trailing in the polls and losing ground in key swing states, the 70-year-old Trump was looking to capitalize on his last major chance to woo wavering voters.

    “The media is so dishonest and so corrupt and the pile-on is so amazing,” Trump said, referring to reports citing women accusing him of sexual assault, which he said were “fiction” and drummed up by Team Clinton.

    He alleged that millions of fake voters had been registered and that the 68-year-old Clinton should not even have been allowed to run because she mishandled classified State department emails.

    Some Republican lawmakers were outraged. Senator Jeff Flake said Trump was “beyond the pale” and onetime presidential candidate Senator Lindsey Graham said that if Trump lost, it would be “because he failed as a candidate.”

    Democrats called on Republican leaders to repudiate “Trump’s utter contempt for our democracy,” as Nevada Senator Harry Reid put it.

    “One of our hallmarks has always been we accept the outcome of our elections,” Clinton told reporters as she flew home to White Plains, New York.

    “So what he said tonight is part of his whole effort to blame somebody else for his campaign, and where he stands in this election.”

    The extraordinary exchange was only one of a series of ferocious clashes, as the two stony-faced candidates faced off from behind podiums on everything from immigration to Syria.

    At one point, Trump broke into one of Clinton’s responses to call her “such a nasty woman.” The candidates took and left the stage without shaking hands.




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    1. It’s not surprising that snap polls gave Hillary the win in the debate, all 3 if you wish. With 30 years experience in the political arena, she should, at least in the debates. In truth and in substance, Trump won. Hands down.Those who support her are so naive that if she does win the presidency, all America loses. God forbid.

    2. [Part 1] There were three winners tonight in the third Presidential Debate: (1) Chris Wallace, (2) Fox News, and (3) Donald Trump.

      Chris Wallace owned that debate. He gave a master class on how to moderate a debate. When Donald or Hillary went off topic, he stopped them. He kept the audience under control with no interruptions. When there was even a hint of an audience response, he stopped the debate and immediately silenced the audience. His questions were tough but fair for both Donald and Hillary. He did not engage in “gotcha” questions. For future debates, the world would do well to have Chris Wallace moderate future debates, or at the very least require other moderators to follow his professional example. Fox News wins because Chris Wallace professional job in managing the debate should raise the public’s brand satisfaction with the Fox News network:

      As to the debate winner: My judgment is that Donald Trump was the clear winner. While watching the debate, I also followed Frank Luntz focus group simultaneously, and that focus group’s conclusion was that Trump won as well. Here are my takeaways from the debate.

      (1) PRESIDENTIAL: Both debaters were well prepared, cool, and presidential. On the issue of demeanor, this was a draw.

      (2) THE SUPREME COURT: Both debaters had good responses, but neither one was particularly compelling. I rate this issue as a draw.

      (3) ECONOMICS: Donald Trump should for the remainder of the campaign keep talking about economics. Those at the focus group did not buy Hillary Clintons statements concerning economics or job creation. Alternately, even those who were Democrates within the focus group supported Trump when the discussion was on economics.

      (4) IMMIGRATION: Donald Trump should keep talking on Immigration: In the focus group, 19 said Trump was best on immigration, while only 2 favored Clinton’s responses on immigration. Clinton should not mention the word immigration for the balance of the campaign, because on this issue she simply looses.

      (5) CORRUPTION: Trump should speak more on government corruption and the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in bribery and corruption. Hillary Clinton’s statements on concerning the Foundation’s involvement in corruption tanked. Obviously, Trump will continue talking on government corruption, while Hillary Clinton would do best to keep her mouth shut.

      (6) TRADE: This winner on trade was clear: Trump. HIllary lost.

    3. [Part 2] Donald Trump had 2 down points during the debate that hurt him and he should follow these points as well for the duration of the campaign.

      (7) ABORTION: Although I agree with Donald Trump’s clear position on opposing abortion, particularly in the 9th month of a pregnancy, Donald should not speak on abortion for the remainder of the campaign. Look, his views are not well supported by Independents. To win this election, he must expand his voter base and do better with Independents. Realizing this, Donald Trump should discuss the other issues mentioned earlier in this review, but otherwise say nothing further on abortion, because this issue will only cost him votes.

      (8) ELECTION RESULTS: Chris Wallace asked both debaters whether they would accept the election results after the day of voting. Hillary said, Yes. Donald said he would have to see the results first. Many bad things can occur on Election Day. Al Gore, a Democrat, rightly did not accept the results on the day of the election because the voting results as result were so close that he felt recounts were necessary. Hopefully, the results this year will indicate a clear winner. To some, Trumps refusal to state without qualification that he would accept the results was divisive. But as close as this election is now, Trump may have to deal with issues such as “hanging chads” on Election Day just as Al Gore, the Democrat, had to in the 2000 Presidential Election. Remember those issues in 2000 were so serious that the matter had to be decided by the Supreme Court many weeks later. In the real world, a President has to have the flexibility to act given the circumstances such that simplistic answers demanded by weak minds may not be appropriate.

      Thus, as I saw the debate, the six major issues of the debate were (1) ECONIMICS, (2) IMMIGRATION, (3) CORRUPTION, (4) TRADE, (5) ABORTION, and (6) ELECTION RESULTS. Trump won on four of these issues, while Clinton won only on two, abortion and election results. Even where Clinton prevailed over Trump on the issue of abortion, still in this election abortion has been rated as a very low priority issue by the voters in polling.

      CLOSING: In her one minute closing, Hillary closed by claiming that she was running for “the children”. Possibly trying to pander to the woman’s vote, this mushy summation came across as meaningless, having little empathy for the concerns of voters for the country here in 2016. Trump’s one minute close was right back on message, concerning jobs, the economy, issues that make sense for a change election, while Hillary appeared to stand for nothing but her contempt for Donald Trump.

      The debate was a good night for Donald Trump. Trump won.


      Pastor Burt