Snickers launches Don’t Drive Hungry initiative


D3---Snickers-20160503When drivers get hungry, they end up doing crazy things on the road. This is why Snickers is reminding people not to let hunger get in the way of their driving as they launched the Don’t Drive Hungry Initiative on April 23, 2016.

Snickers launched the initiative by giving away free temporary Don’t Drive Hungry license plates and car stickers at the Capital Commons Carpark in Pasig City, which are great reminders of the brand’s message to drive safe by not driving hungry.

A study released by a top global navigation app revealed that Metro Manila was named as “having the worst traffic on Earth.” In the survey’s Driver Satisfaction Index, the Philippines also did poorly, with a score of 3.9 (10 being satisfying and 1 being miserable).

Manila also topped the survey for the longest time spent commuting from home to office with an average time of 45.5 minutes, though some motorists report much longer travel times especially during rush hour.

Long hours stuck in traffic can lead to drivers getting hungry on the road, affecting their mood and focus, which can have detrimental effects to the quality of driving by motorists.

“Snickers is all about satisfying those hunger moments because we recognize that you aren’t you when you’re hungry. Given the traffic situation in the Philippines, hunger can make drivers do crazy things. By giving out these temporary license plates, we want to remind drivers, drive safe, don’t drive hungry,” said Fui Ching Phua, MARS Southeast Asia Marketing Manager.

Besides getting free temporary license plates, motorists were also invited to support the Don’t Drive Hungry Initiative by posting their experience with the hashtag #dontdrivehungry.

Visit the Snickers Philippines Facebook page to get more details on the Don’t Drive Hungry initiative.


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