• Snow Falling on a Nation


    “I love the sound of snow… You can hear it even if you are only standing on a balcony. [The sound] is only minimal, not even a real noise: a breath, a trifle of a sound. You have the same thing in music: if in the score there is a pianissimo marked that ends in nothing. Up there you can feel this ‘nothing’. With an orchestra it is very difficult to achieve it. The Berlin Philharmonic manage(s) it sometimes.”
    ~ Claudio Abbado

    how can i love that which
    has not been fully experienced
    like the sight of snow falling on trees
    stripped of leaves in the fall?

    but fully imagined
    i see snow falling and
    shrouding bloodied corpses,
    washing clean and clear of suspicions
    these snuffed out lives

    in a country that knows of
    seasons of dust and of wet on wet,
    i desire the benediction of snow,
    a rest from the burst of bullets
    and cusses

    the arbitrary blankness,
    the nothingness of
    whitened landscapes
    with a hint of resurrection
    pushing out of sorrow’s
    inhospitable ground



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