• So finishes 2nd in Grand Chess Tour Leuven


    Filipino Grandmaster (GM) Wesley So placed second overall in the 2016 Grand Chess Tour Leuven held at the Catholic University Leuven, the oldest catholic university in the world located in east of Brussels, Belgium.

    So collected a combined score of 20.5 points – 11 points in rapid and 9.5 points in blitz – to pocket the $30,000 runner-up prize.

    GM Margnus Carlsen of Norway dominated the 10-man field with 23 points (12 in rapid and 11 in blitz) and earned the $37,500 top purse.

    Armenia’s GM Levon Aronian wound up third with 10 points (10 in rapid and 10 in blitz) followed by GM Viswanathan Anand of India with 19.5 (10 in rapid and 9.5 in blitz), GM Fabiano Caruana of US with 17.5 (nine in rapid and 8.5 in blitz), GM Maxime Vachier-Lagrave of France with 17 (eight in rapid and nine in blitz), GM Hikaru Nakamura of US with 16.5 (seven in rapid and 9.5 in blitz), GM Vladimir Kramnik of Russia with 16 (seven in rapid, nine in blitz), GM Anish Giri of the Netherlands with 16 (eight each in rapid and blitz), and GM Veselin Topalov of Bulgaria with 14 (eight in rapid and six in blitz).

    In rapid, So scored victories over Caruana (fifth round) and Topalov (seventh) then agreed to a draw with Carlsen (first), Kramnik (second), Vachier-Lagrave (third), Aronian (fourth), Nakamura (sixth), Giri (eighth) and Anand (ninth).

    In double-round robin blitz, he defeated Caruana (second) Nakamura (fifth), Topalov (seventh and 16th) and Vachier-Lagrave (ninth and 18th), and split the point with Giri (third and 12th), Anand (fourth and 13th), Caruana (11th), Nakamura (14th), Aronian (15th) and Carlsen (17th).

    The Leauven Leg is the second of the four-leg Grand Chess Tour.

    The first was the Paris Leg held two weeks ago where So finished fourth overall.

    The third leg is the Sinquefield Cup on August 19 to September 2 in Saint Louis, US while the final leg will be held on December 27 to 19 with the staging of the London Chess Classic in England.


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