• So keeps lead in Capablanca Memorial Elite tourney


    Filipino super Grandmaster Wesley So kept the lead despite settling for a draw in the six round of the 49th Capablanca Memorial Elite tournament currently being held in Cuba.

    So offered Grandmaster Lazaro Batista Bruzon a draw after 22 moves of English opening, which the Cuban readily accepted.

    The Philippine only super GM has now 4 points going to the seventh round where he will meet Grandmaster Francisco Vallejo Pons of Spain. So defeated Pons in the first round.

    Pons won over Grandmaster Zoltan Almasi of Hungary in the sixth round, earning him full point or 3 points going to the next round. Almasi has 2.5 points.

    The battle between Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine and Leiner Dominguez Perez of Cuba ended in a draw. Perez has now 3.5 points, while Ivanchuk has 3 points.

    Handling white pieces, Bruzon sacrificed his Queen on the 11th move in exchange for two Knights and two Bishops in the succeding moves. On the 15th move, So was left with a Queen, two Rooks and seven Pawns as against Bruzon’s two Rooks, two Knights, a Bishop and six Pawns. A draw was agreed since the succeeding moves would surely be repetitive or else either player might lose a material.


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