• So loses anew


    Grandmaster Wesley So, 21, absorbed another loss from another younger opponent in the sixth round of the US Chess Championships currently being held in Saint Louis, Missouri. The Filipino woodpusher lost to GM Ray Robson, 20, in 42 moves of Ruy Lopez Berlin, a match which was decided after 37 moves since So, handling black pieces, could no longer find a way to prevent white’s pawn on a-file from becoming a queen. Because of the loss, So switched places with Robson in the standings going to the seventh of the single 11-round tournament. Robson now in second place with four points. Leading the 12-man pack with 4.5 poinrs is America’s top chess player GM Hikaro Nakamura who halved his 6th round task with GM Samuel Shankland in 31 moves of Caro Kann Advance.


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