So still leads after 7 rounds


Filipino Grandmaster Wesley So drew with Francisco Vallejo Pons of Spain on the 21st move of Ruy Lopez Morphy Defense (Anderssen variation) on Friday morning (Manila time) in their seventh round game in the prestigious Capablanca Memorial Elite tournament currently being held in Havana, Cuba.

So maintained his lead with 5 points going to the eight round against Grandmaster Leiner Dominguez Perez of Cuba.

Dominguez also drew his seventh round assignment against Grandmaster Zoltan Almasi of Hungary. The Cuban has now 4.5 points, while Almasi has 3 points.

The game between Grandmaster Vassily Ivanchuk of Ukraine and Grandmaster Lazaro Batista Bruzon of Cuba also ended in draw.

Bruzon collected 3.5 points, while Ivanchuk has 2.5 points.

So and Pons have chosen to play Ruy Lopez, the most used opening in the tournament, and opted to proceed employing Andressen variation after the Spaniard placed his Pawn on d3. The game proceeded according to normal line until So offered a Queen exchange on the 18th move.

Pons offered a draw on the 21st move which So readily accepted.

So needs to win at least one game and draw the rest to ensure his victory.


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