• ‘So, sue me’ – Aquino


    PRESIDENT Benigno Aquino 3rd said he expects his detractors to get even with him after his term by hailing him to court or have him jailed but that he would be ready to defend his actions that brought about reforms.

    Speaking before members of the Filipino community during his visit to Rome, Italy, the President said his fight against corruption is “far from over,” adding it will even outlive his presidency.

    But Aquino declared that he is “ready to face” whatever charges would be slapped on him.
    Last September, the Office of the Ombudsman said the President and other key officials of his Cabinet were being investigated for implementing the controversial Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court.

    Besides, the President, once he loses immunity from suit, may be charged for the deaths of 44 police commandos of the Special Action Force who were sent on a mission in Maguindanao province based on an “illegal order.”

    Aquino assigned his long-time friend and former Philippine National Police chief Alan Purisima to head the operation although it was clear then that the latter was under preventive suspension by the Ombudsman.

    Also, various human rights groups may sue Aquino for alleged human rights abuses committed under his watch.

    In fact, the group Karapatan scored the President for his “brutal watch” and they will display a mock handcuff with “Jail Aquino” to symbolize their call to prosecute Aquino for his “crimes against the people” at a news conference to be called next week in time for the commemoration of the International Human Rights Day 2015 at Mendiola Bridge in Manila.

    Meanwhile, Aquino scored the Philippine media again for “negativism,” which he blamed for the all the “bad news” that reaches Filipinos abroad.

    He even fended off public rants over traffic in Metro Manila, explaining that the problem was an offshoot of development such as increase in the number of people who can now afford to buy cars and ongoing construction of connecting roads that will link the North Luzon and South Luzon expressways.


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    1. Catalino Garcia on

      Arrogant. Is it any wonder why Aquino visited Mitsubishi instead of honoring the 44SAF at the air base?

    2. If BS Aquino 3rd keeps talking like this then he will definitely go to jail !!!

      Keep it up Mr. AbNoy !!!