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Today is Valentine’s Day! And after Christmas, Valentine’s Day is the next most celebrated day of the year in many countries all over the world. Anne Costisella of wrote a wonderful article last year entitled, What is Love, Mom? and I have picked out a few interesting points she makes, adding my own thoughts, to share with you, parents, on this sweetest day of the year.

“Love is many things and you will know what it is when you see it. Is that a good explanation? No? Let’s try harder…

“In 1950, wearing a tailored dress and glass shoes, Cinderella danced with the sweetest prince in all the land and sang, “So this is love,mmmm,mmmm,mmmm”…

Of course, the charming prince made a great impression on Cinderella because he only had eyes for her even if all the girls wanted to marry him but even at the time, it seemed that love was much more than that. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, the sexual revolution had already changed the way people looked at love and the pure romance lived by Cinderella disappeared from our popular culture. Knowing all this, what is love nowadays?

“The new fairy tales depict princesses who have changed, just like women have changed and it is encouraging to see that the latest princess many Disney and Pixar movies (Frozen, Pocahontas, etc.) do not need a prince to find happiness. She just needed to be herself and to get along with her family first. She would meet her prince in time. Princes have changed, too. They no longer need to be the heir to the throne to find true love. He just needs to be a good man and realize that it is wiser first to get to know his ‘true love’ well before carrying her off to the sunset. At the end of the day, love is really there to make us all happy.”

Because we love our children more than life itself, as parents, we have a natural tendency to take care of the love that we hold for them. The love of our family and friends represents a lot of the love we will give and receive in our lives and our children’s lives, too. And, it is so important to remember them and take care of the love that we hold for them. Therefore, LOVE shouldn’t just be a word that is exchanged or said between parents and kids, lovers or partners. It goes further than that, seen in our deeds, and extending to our family, friends neighbors and acquaintances.

Some may say that the love finding love is completely outdated. In a way, because of all the overdose of a cheap kind of love used in advertising, it makes it more difficult nowadays to recognize true love. So, what do we tell our children when they ask us, “Mom, what is love?” There are several answers to this question, but to help our children find true love, we must first teach them how to be honest and true to themselves and appreciate the little things that come their way.

Happy Valentine’s Everyone!


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