• Social media makes showbiz talk shows passé



    PLUS: Hunk actor shun by colleagues like a leper
    Could it be true that talent manager Lolit Solis – through GMA Head of Radio Operations Mike Enriquez – was offered to host a showbiz-oriented talk show on GNTV (sister channel of the Kapuso network) yet she declined?

    Says a Vignettes source, “The offer which took place last month was actually for both Lolit and Ricky Lo. Why it was Mike who initially brokered the deal is because Lolit does her daily segment on DZBB (in Arnold Clavio and Ali Sotto’s Double A Sa Double B program) which is under him as head.”

    Vignettes has yet to get Solis’ reason for chickening out of the deal. “But I doubt if there ever was an offer, or better yet if GNTV would want to revive showbiz talk shows. Hindi ba’t nakiuso na rin ang GMA when it cancelled Startalk (the last of the tsismis shows to have gone off air on September 12, 2015 with Solis and Lo as hosts) dahil nga sa social media?”

    Oh, talk about the culprit behind the extinction of TV5’s Showbiz Police, ABS-CBN’s The Buzz and Startalk. These days, any celebrity embroiled in whatever issue can simply take to social media to vent his side without making TV rounds or spending on presscons.

    * * *

    GUESS WHO? Is this hunk actor’s (HA) set of showbiz friends getting thinner each day? Unfortunately for the HA, most of his buddies have began turning away from him because of his “pare-gipit-lang-ako-bilhin-mo-na-lang-‘to” standard opening line every time he makes surprise visits during their tapings.

    Reportedly, the HA would lug around just as anything saleable at a lesser price in exchange for money (to sustain his vice?), stuff like branded women’s bags and yes, even an innocent puppy.

    Prospective buyer-friends, however, couldn’t fathom where the HA got those signature bags. Could he have sneaked them out of her girlfriend’s closet unknowingly?

    Anyway, the HA’s ways have grown worse that he would borrow money from his friends when he had no more merchandise to sell. “It’s such a pity that he has turned himself worse than a leper that his friends wouldn’t dare go near him,” reveals our source.

    * * *

    IS MONEY (talent fee for that matter) all that matters to a senior singer-actress (SSA) who snubbed an offer to guest in a segment named after a legendary show?

    An entertainment writer-show promoter (EWSP) couldn’t help but recall one particular instance to bolster this perception. Having built a relationship beyond business with the SSA, the EWSP had offered the SSA a show but with no mention yet of how much she’d get.

    “Naku, pasensiya ka na, may kompromiso kasi ako sa araw na ‘yun,” the SSA politely begged off. But having known what would make the SSA bite his bait, the EWSP replied: “Ganu’n ba? Naku, sayang naman. Kausap ko na kasi ‘yung producer na big fan mo, she’s willing to give you downpayment for the show. Sandali lang, ha? I’ll just ring her up and say you’re not available on that day.”

    Without waiting for the EWSP to grab his phone out of his shoulder bag, the SSA burst: “Teka, mukhang puwede naman pala ako sa araw na ‘yun!”

    * * *

    A NEWLY appointed official (NAO) of a showbiz industry-related agency is reportedly a pain in the neck among her peers.

    “Sobrang lakas ng dating niya!” exclaims a colleague who claims that the NAO – said to have well-placed connections with the present administration – behaves as though she knows the ins and outs of the TV and film industry. In short, a charlatan.

    Although fashionably chic whenever she attends board meetings, the NAO reminds her co-members of a popular showbiz mom who often doesn’t watch her words. “But in fairness, her (the NAO’s) bags cost a fortune.”


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