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    (By Rigoberto Tiglao, Analysis & Commentary, December 16, 2013)
    I watched a movie about a hunt for a doctor who did atrocities to the Jews during the war. When he was finally caught he said to his captor that is was so easy to exterminate millions of Jews because no one among cared for anyone but their individual selves. A handful of German soldiers will order thousands of Jews into gas chambers and they did because not one had the courage to stand up against the soldiers which they could have overwhelmed by sheer number alone. Each was afraid to act for fear that he alone will suffer the consequence of his defiance. We have a term for this here it is called “kanya-kanya”. Should we wonder therefore why government people get away with their shenanigans and get bolder as time goes on they know that the Filipino can be bought, forgets easily and any attempt to mobilize a serious movement to fight back always ends in failure. Rizal saw this as early as during his time he called it the indolence of the Filipino. I still have to see a leader who can inspire me come 2016 but from where I stand no one comes to view. Talk about the Arab Spring, or the recent uprising in Bangkok happening here, don’t bet on it.
    Domingo, domingoligot@yahoo.com

    Yung ibang lugar di nasabihang ihuhuli sa listahan ng mga di tutulungan dahil di daw handa. Sabihin na nating kasalanan ng mayor. Bakit mga nasasakupan nya ang magdudusa dahil sa delayed na tulong?
    Darewin Ocampo, dare7586@yahoo.com


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