Social media to blame for John Lloyd bashing


Award-winning actor apologetic but has no regrets over his actions

Over the weekend, actor John Lloyd Cruz became hot topic on social media what with his seemingly drunken photos and videos going viral not only on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram but also on video sharing platform YouTube.

On Saturday, Cruz’s co-star in the weekly sitcom “Home Sweetie Home” Ellen Adarna shared their photos on the latter’s Instagram account @maria.elena.adarna from Batayan Island where they had been hanging out with a group of non-showbiz friends. For those who have seen these shots, as well as video uploads of another friend, the two seemed to be getting it on, extremely playful with one another, on this getaway. The social media posts come at the heels of persistent rumors that Cruz and Adarna became an item while working on the set of ABS-CBN sitcom Home Sweetie Home.

The 34-year-old actor and Ellen Adarna’s getaway sparked controversies online, most especially for the box office actor PHOTO FROM IG.COM/ MARIA. ELENA.ADARNA

Unfortunately, as more and more photos and videos from Batayan were uploaded through the weekend, Cruz, 34, was caught in antics defying his wholesome showbiz image. He was videoed playing with a knife, spitting food, and finally, wearing only his pajama bottoms, he flashed the dirty finger and rushed to hide himself in a narrow space between two LPG cylinders.

Cruz, without particularly mentioning the weekend sojourn, somewhat apologized for the incident, writing on his Instagram account, “This is me learning. Very humbling but I do apologize to the little boys and girls. No regrets babies just life revealing its raw beauty.”

Still, fans of Cruz who rose to fame with his boyish looks and charms besides his remarkable acting skills were disappointed over what they saw, and expressed disbelief on social media.

Others, meanwhile, choose to defend Cruz—saying he is merely enjoying the regular life that is hard to come by for celebrities—and put the blame on the actor’s companions who shared the videos online.

“Sa totoo lang madaming disappointed kasi bakit kailangan pang i-post yun, that’s supposed to be private. They should be sensitive enough that JL is adored by many people including young adults. There is nothing wrong being drunk but they should at least be mindful to keep things private,” user @mitchi_mitch_ shared on Instagram.

“John Lloyd Cruz is criticized by the people because of being drunk. Blame his careless ‘friends.’ Video ng video not thinking he’s an actor too,” Twitter user @iamjycx also noted.

Director Johnny Manahan who heads ABS-CBN’s talent management arm Star Magic, to which Cruz belongs, also came to his ward’s rescue with the following statement: “JLC works hard as an actor 18 hours a day at a stretch. He was just letting off some steam. In this age of an all-pervasive social media, what is ok and innocent in private becomes worthlessly controversial in public. He will have learned his lesson and be more careful in the future.”


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