Solar City soon to rise in Manila Bay


Mayor Joseph Estrada on Thursday said the construction of Solar City, a multi-billion state-of-the-art green urban center in Manila Bay, will provide thousands of jobs and bring the city government additional revenues.

The Solar City reclamation project will start soon since President Rodrigo Duterte has given his nod to the creation of a tourism, commercial and residential district along Manila Bay.

Estrada said the city government is almost done processing the documentary requirements and clearances of Manila Goldcoast Development Corp. (MGDC), which won the contract in 1991.

“This will provide thousands of jobs and economic opportunities for Manileños, aside from the billions of pesos of tax revenues the city government will be able to collect,” Estrada said.

The mayor gave assurances that the project will not hide or cover Manila Bay’s famous sunset.

The reclamation project entails the creation of three islands with total land area of 148 hectares.

Designed to be green, self-sustaining and innovative, Solar City will be the first of its kind in using renewable energy from solar, wind, and biomass sources.

Designers of Solar City envision dedicated walkways and a monorail system to reduce the need for cars and bring tourists and visitors around hotels and convention centers. An artificial beach aims to make Manila the “Dubai of Southeast Asia.”

“This will also be a big boost to our tourism industry, cementing our city’s place in the world map of most favored tourist destinations,” Estrada said. Jim Pilapil


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  1. Instead of dispersing the population and investing in productive concerns, spread throughout the country, the government is still irresponsible, short sighted and greedy for commission.

    What will a commercial and consumer center promote in an extremely over populated, congested area,where the sewers are stagnant, the people are mostly living like rats, watching the excesses and hedonism of the elite thieves as they go to this kind place?

    Immoral display of ill-gotten wealth does not promote honest hard work, but crimes. In a very poor country premature consumerism destroys the economy and lives; only the chinese shady businesses will gain.

  2. I been to Philipine for holiday a few time , it really sad the governemnt doesnt spend enough money on tourism . A place like Boracai , Palawan, El Nido etc need massive funding for infrastructure. if compare to other countries like thailand, viet nam, Singapore, Taiwan . Philipine are truly overated. In the 21 century why Philipine still using jeepney? it cause so much polution and traffic jam affect human health. Why not motorbike taxi create thousand of jobs for the poor. The peeple embrace American culture food, cloth, music. But afyer 100 years , the Pinoy gotthe left over from Uncle Sam. Japan. South Korea , Singapore, Taiwan, china doesnt adopt American culture and they became Asian tycoon. wake up Philipine , Dueter has the gut to tell the truth when the whole country became American Slave. You all need to jump on the motorbike and run to the finish line. the choice is clear sitting in a traffic Jam and you will never be home. Asia not going to wait for you.What’s the point of speaking english only. The 21 century, You need to speak English, Madarine and Spanish. green and gold America