‘Soldier Blue’



I was at the Senate this Thursday, November 16 and I saw a champion of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the person of Sen. Richard J. Gordon. His interpellation was about the budget for our men in uniform. True to form, he minced no words decrying the sorry state of the military that has been neglected somewhat during the past administration.

Gutsy and noted for his firebrand eloquence, Gordon’s background is a telltale of his first-hand encounter of how the American soldiers were treated by their mother country. At a very young age, his eyes glistened looking at the very core of love and respect accorded to the sailors of the US Navy very near his ancestral house in the City of Olongapo.

He kept this envy all his life and had this burning sensation whenever he looked at our servicemen in active duty. He noted the AFP barracks in all camps around the country to be in dismal state and lacking in numbers as needed to fulfill the desired ratio or equation.

And these abodes are expected to be resting places after a hard day’s mission. Gordon will not take this insult to the bravery of our soldiers quietly. During his speech, he immediately recommended budget amendments to increase funding for the construction of additional military barracks and would even go for a government assisted “lease to own” scheme.

He noted that our Asian neighbors are better equipped on both wages and war materiel. He laments that the word “military superiority” was never attached to the name of our country. He also noted that both the AFP and PNP (the Philippine National Police) are now looking toward a better horizon as the country’s Commander-in-Chief sees them as bigger dots in his radar screen.

But Gordon is not one who will just be satisfied by hurling one or two wishes. He deplored the “reactionary” attitude of the military in battling terrorism all over the country. This, he said is due to poor intelligence gathering. “We are always caught flatfooted and that is the only time we mobilize our troops,” he said.

He blurted out that if we want to eradicate terrorism completely, “Si vis pacem, para vellum” or “If you want peace, prepare for war.”

He may be accused of being repetitive of his track record in Olongapo and SBMA, and his stint as Tourism Secretary, but who cares? Repeating good stories is what we need now and we should not get tired of it. They are the stories that we want our children and grandchildren to hear. They are the stories that we all crave for. And we need more.

Toward the end, Gordon motioned to augment the intelligence fund of our men in uniform. He knows that scarcity of advance information can lead to more casualties. He was quite surprised to receive warm applause and accolades, as this is not the usual reaction protocol observed by the military in revered public halls.

* * *

Apple introduced these apple products through the years. Apple IPod, Apple IPad, Apple IPhone Apple TV, Apple Watch, Apple EarPod, and another one forthcoming is Apple HomePod … so what’s next? Apple clock? Apple ref? Apple car? Apple airline?

Please don’t mess with my adam’s apple. It’s mine.

* * *

Trolls abound in social media whenever election year hovers in the horizon. Names are being floated. But the rule is the same: May the less vilified man wins.

Every election year is like a certified David Copperfield Show. With us as the audience and participants, we complete “the illusions” while The Comelec continues to supplement the acts with “number tricks.”

* * *

For those who are aspiring to do serious photography, try to remember these points before shooting: “Free your mind, see through your heart, feel with your eyes and speak through your lenses.” And while you’re at it, remove the lens cap before you peep in the viewfinder. Do not embarrass yourself by being a moron.

* * *

Ever wonder why most Comelec commissioners are lawyers? Doctors are not qualified for obvious reasons. Doctoring numbers is prohibited.

* * *

Professional women here in PH with executive positions are ever increasing in both government service and the private sector. I say that this is good news. Husbands are now shopping for detergents, aprons and browsing kitchen recipes.

* * *

We notice that there is a long line for those who want to get government position. Once there, no one wants to leave. That is why PRRD’s favorite song is “I can’t get no resignation.”

* * *

I read one opposition congressman saying that the recent Asean hosting was just a waste of money and time. I just wonder if he was there for the whole duration of the summit. Absence is such sweet sorrow.

* * *

Christmas is about forgiveness. That is the main reason why He was born.

* * *

On Maria Isabel Lopez:
– It was “never my intention” to breach the security protocols of the Summit and did it out of desperation.

– “I mentioned that the intention was simply not to breach the security because I was talking to an MMDA official.”

-“I have no prior traffic violations.”

– “Sana naman kung ano yung penalty na ipapataw sa ‘kin, bigyan naman ako ng senior citizen discount – 20 percent.”

– “Having been on the road for two hours, I needed to go to a toilet.”

We should pray for her for blaming everyone else except herself.

Seriously, this kind of mentality is a major illness that has been afflicting our society. To best one another just to be ahead is the name of the game. Almost everyone wants to be exempt from the rules and treated differently from just ordinary people.

* * *

A group of lawyers trooped to the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office to file charges of sedition, inciting coup d’ etat and inciting undue injury to the government against Senator Trillanes.

This senator is always looking for a fight to grab the headlines. Well, he is getting it bountifully.

* * *

Quotes from George S. Patton Jr:
“The soldier is the Army. No army is better than its soldiers. The soldier is also a citizen. In fact, the highest obligation and privilege of citizenship is that of bearing arms for one’s country.”

“Lead me, follow me, or get the hell out of my way.”

“Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.”

* * *

Good work, good deeds and good faith.


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