Soldier offers life for Marawi


“I love you all!”

These were the last words of Private First Class Dhan Ryan Bayot in a phone call to his loved ones as he went into the thick of the fight with the terrorist Maute group in Marawi City on May 24.

Dhan Ryan Bayot

Dhan Ryan’s story tugged at the hearts of netizens and went viral on social media, because of his self-sacrifice to help crush the Maute terrorists, whose rampage has displaced 200,000 people and left the city in ruins.

Dhan Ryan, 24, a native of Zamboanga Sibugay, was said to have radioed his superiors from the battleground to bomb his location, which was occupied by several Maute men.

“Just bomb my location, Sir!” he was quoted as telling his commander on May 24, the third day of fighting.
Dhan Ryan’s father, Sgt. Larry Bayot of the 1st Infantry Battalion, was at his son’s grave in Zamboanga City when contacted by The Manila Times.

It was “painful” to lose his son, but the older Bayot said he took comfort in the fact that what Dhan Ryan did was “heroic.”

“Ryan was a man of his own word. He would always do whatever he said. He was a soldier, a hero and even before he died, he always looked after what would be the better for his fellow military men,” the older Bayot said.

Dhan Ryan, the second of four children, always wanted to be a soldier like his father. The older Bayot said he approved of the decision despite the possibility of his son being killed in action.

“At first, I was worried of what would happen to Ryan but a soldier must first do his duty for the nation. Now that he is gone, I would always recall that I was with him since we are both soldiers in the family,” he told The Manila Times.

The remains of Dhan Ryan, who was part of the 51st Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army, were retrieved on May 28 by government troops. His face was barely recognizable.

The older Bayot recalled that Dhan Ryan would always call his cousins in Zamboanga Sibugay and narrate every single detail of what happened during his missions, even during clashes with enemy forces.

His cousins, however, would tell him to run away, but he would refuse, saying it was his duty to fight and even die for the country.

“His last words to his cousins during a phone call was ‘I love you all.’ Imagine, the war is ongoing and he can still manage to text his cousins,” the older Bayot said.


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  1. I admire this heroic act. This is very contrary to the acts of MAGDALO soldiers who are now traditional politicians after gaining some popularity because of their cowardly act of taking Makati in a coup d etat. Now they are still trying to go against the government, but pretending to be the helping the people. Boot them out of government!

  2. You have a soldier that offered his life to rid Marawi of ISIS.

    Yet you have the following people:

    1. Politicians/lawyers/people looking ignorant and laughable to the international world with their reasoning that there is no rebellion or invasion in Marawi so declaring martial law is illegal and unconstitutional. Aren’t they watching the international world create new laws as needed to deal with terrorism as needed.

    Their defense that you don’t have rebellion/invasion going on in Malawi because of this and that sound like a moron trying to sound smart. They need to remember, the common people of the international word have access the internets. In their desire to oppose they forgot that they look laughable.

    2. Politicians/Catholic church/ people asking not to do airstrike. Again these people show disdain for the life of soldiers. They would rather see numerous soldiers died that structure. And the number of ratio of soldiers/ISIS – Maute dead is very high. Structure can be rebuild but a life lost if a life lost. Are soldiers life so cheap in the Philippines that the politicians/Catholic church/lawyers/ignorant people does not care for those lives?

    I can only describe these people with one word, they are an abomination. The life of all these abominations combined is not worth the life of that one soldiers who selfishly died for his country so that you don’t get occupied by the evil Daesh.

    I guess abomination sympathize with abomination.

    And the government need to stop putting deadline on war but concentrate of keeping the soldiers safe and getting rid of ISIS with the least casualties on the government part.

    For the civilian that choose to stay behind, you cannot keep all of them safe without losing more soldiers.

  3. Pfc Dhan knew the actual situation in his arena of combat when he radioed his commanding officer to bomb his location. He knew he was already outnumbered and would surely never be able to get out alive. While some may think that it will be insensitive to bomb the location of a surviving comrade knowing fully well that it will surely cause the comrade’s death, bombing the location would have also caused the obliteration of the rebels who may have surrounded him physically at that time. Given the choice, his commanding officer should just have bombed his location thereby giving the soldier a more dignified death instead of allowing the guy’s sordid death at the hands of the physically superior forces around him and allowing those same forces to survive at the same time. Who knows, Pfc Dhan with a stroke of luck may have even survived a bombing.

    • Typo Corrections:

      “I can only describe these people with one word, they are an abomination. The life of all these abominations combined is not worth the life of that one soldier who selflessly died for his country so that you don’t get occupied by the evil Daesh.”

      I saddened me to see how people complain about martial this martial that, airstrike this airstrike that. Yet nobody among these abominations uttered a single sentence honoring the dead soldiers or doing sometimes for the families they left behind. They sit in the comfort of their chair criticizing this and that without lifting a finger to help in the war in Malawi.