Soldiers kill boy in Davao


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Government soldiers killed an 11-year boy who was hunting wild animals and birds for food in a village in Davao City on Monday.

The victim – Daniel Ferrer – was with another companion when soldiers fatally shot him in the village called Sibulan in Toril district.

His family is seeking justice for the boy and sought the help of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR).

The Philippine Army and the Eastern Mindanao Command did not give any statement about the killing of the hapless boy, but media reports have identified the perpetrators as members of the 2nd Scout Ranger Battalion.

A photo of the boy’s body – which already went viral on social media – showed a huge hole in the chest. It was not known whether he was shot from behind and the bullet exited in the chest.

 Al Jacinto


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  1. retired military on

    Having physical and mental toughness are the prerequisite to be a Scout Ranger. IQ Level, ability to think quickly to determine the target whether friend or foe, knowing your responsibility and the consequences of your actions were not determined. This means that they were not given training on those areas mentioned. Who is the responsible person in this particular case? The highest ranking ground commander is where the blame stops.

    On the other hand, to be fair for those soldiers on patrol, their enemies do not wear military uniform, and therefore, the 11 year old boy, unknowingly, was a legitimate target. It is unfortunate, that things like this happens and it did happened. The most thing the government could do is to pay collateral damage, and make sure the family is compensated well.