Soldiers, police and volunteer assistance go on


Dear Sir:
We are not even halfway in rebuilding Bohol and Tacloban City, and other provinces hit by Yolanda, and here comes heavy rains lashing Mindanao. Early in the year, we again faced this new challenge and nature’s wrath. We only hope that no more such tragedies as enormous as Yolanda and the 7.2 earthquake happen again, or we will be in deep trouble and our recovery will be slow and hard.

Again, we turn to the government, local government officials, and more particularly to our soldiers, police, volunteers, and concerned citizens to start anew in helping victims in Mindanao. We are glad that they never tire of extending help, assistance and the desire to ease the suffering of victims. We have families and relatives in the area and we are relieved that they do get the help and care they need, and will need.

Olbie G. Buensalido
Tolentino St., SFDM
Quezon City


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