• Soldiers pound Abu Sayyaf lairs


    THE military pounded the positions of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) in Sulu and Basilan a day after the beheading of German Juergen Gustav Kantner.

    TIGHT WATCH Philippine Marines inspect a passenger jeepney at a military checkpoint in Indanan, Sulu. The military bombarded camps of the Abu Sayyaf Group shortly after the execution of Jurgen Kantner. AFP PHOTO

    Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Eduardo Año said soldiers launched air strikes and shelled the ASG camp in Barangay Macalam, Al-barka in Basilan on Monday.

    “We have ongoing operations now in Basilan and Sulu, we will continue until we are able to rescue the remaining hostages and prevent future kidnapping,” said Año, who had earlier vowed to decimate the ASG and other terrorist groups in the south in six months.

    In Tawi-Tawi, the AFP chief said the military has enough troops tasked to go after the Islamic militants.

    The military has yet to determine the number of casualties but Maj. Richard Enciso, spokesman of the Philippine Army’s 1st Infantry Division, said there were bloodstains on the target of military operations.

    “We sympathize with the family of Mr. Kantner because unfortunately he was beheaded by the Abu Sayyaf. But of course this would even make our troops more committed to pursue these perpetrators in order to bring them to justice,” Año said.

    Col. Edgard Arevalo, chief of the AFP Public Affairs Office, said the military’s operations in the past days have been unrelenting.

    “The AFP condemns in the strongest terms this abominable act of ruthlessness, loathe, and greed of this evil terrorist group. We commit to relentlessly pursue the ongoing all-out offensives to neutralize the perpetrators of this dastardly crime,” the AFP official said.

    “There will be no let-up in our operations until we have rescued all the remaining kidnap victims and we have negated the Abu Sayyaf’s capability to continue to fight government and perpetrate their terrorist activities,” he added.

    AFP units continue to search for the remains of Kantner with the help of the Philippine National Police (PNP).
    Senior Supt. Dionardo Carlos, PNP spokesman, appealed to the public to refrain from propagating the video clip of Kantner’s execution.

    “He rightfully deserves human dignity even in such gruesome death, while his family and friends deserve respect in this time of grief,” he said


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    1. Our military were lack of Technical Skills, as well military strategy. Magmula nuon ng mawala ang Pangulong Marcos, ginawang negosyo ng mga genearals ni corykong and the rest of the President till Abnoy … at pinabayaan nilang humina ang ating Military defense as well as militry training… Saan ka nakakita na ang military camp tulad ng camp crame ay security lang ang nagbabantay at hindi ang MP or Military Police. Besides , what is the job of Police? why they are involve in the military operations? Police is only for traffic divisions and internal crimes in each city crime for the insurgency and terrorist. Police were not trained enough for this conventional war . Not like marines, and army and air force..or Elite rangers. These government agencies is the one responsible and capable for these internal problems like terrorist in our country. They were trained enough to fight the terrorist..I remember during Marcos time, all muslim rebels were thrown out from Sulu and expelled to Sabah Malaysia, The muslim rebels were afraid of Philippine Marines during that time. That is why they move to Sabah Malaysia. fyi

    2. Dapat ang AFP ay hindi nagaanunsyo tungkol sa gagawin nila laban ASG. Paulit-ulit ang sabing “pupulbusin sa loob ng 3 days” ang ASG ngunit hanggang ngayon ay tila ‘BANGONGOT’ ang lagim na ibinibigay nila sa bansa. Ano ang silbi ng ating mga nagtapos sa PMA?

    3. Let them pay dearly for each person they kill. That is the best way to exact retribution for their sins.

    4. Those ASG must also have families or clans in Basilan and Sulu. Close surveillance should be conducted on the daily activities of these families ….. their movements should be monitored …. during military hot pursuit as ASG are known to take refuge in these families and clans ….. families that are validated and proven as ASG sanctuaries should be rounded up as accomplices and clustered separately from the rest of their clans and kin ….. classify them also as hostage until the ASG come out and surrender , including the hostages they are holding….

    5. When then president Erap declared all out war against the ASG an army officer was quoted as saying “we will pulverize them in 3 days”. I don’t know if it was just military hubris or lack of intelligence info on ASG but the sad fact remains that the ASG are still around and getting stronger. This, after thousands of 3 days have passed. Looks like we have to live with this ASG menace for the rest of our life.

    6. AFP and PNP, bakit hirap na hirap kayong alisin sa lupa ang mga terorista? Sa dami ninyo. Bakit hindi ninyo suyurin ang buong sulu at basilan? Gumamit kayo ng detector ng mga armas na nakatago sa ilalim ng mga bahay diyan or sa mga kweba.

      Bakit hindi ninyo gawin ang hamletting sa mga lugar na yan? Bakit hindi ninyo alamin ang pamilya ng mga yan?

    7. every time may napupugutan parang replay lang ang linya na pupulbusin ang ASG. Panahon pa ni FVR yan hanggang ngayon pupulbusin pa din?

    8. Mahina talaga tayo.

      The generals and comm officers should be in the field and fight, not in their cool office receiving quota from their rackets.

      This is just not merely gross incompetence.

      There is a very strong reason that these officers could be receiving bribe from the enemy. There is no other explanation for such continuous failures.

      This failure smells of treason. Maybe a third party contractor (prof. mercenaries) can do a better job.