• Soldiers surround ASG bandits


    THE military believes that the demise of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) is imminent because government troops have driven out the bandits from their lairs and have surrounded the terrorists.

    Reports reaching the military headquarters in Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City said that five more Islamic militants were killed as government forces continue to pound the strongholds of the group in Sulu following the beheading of a German sailor.

    Among those killed, according to Col. Cirilito Sobejana, commander of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Joint Task Force Sulu, was Jaber Susukan, brother of ASG sub-commander Idang Susukan, who was seriously wounded. Another sub-commander said to be close to ASG leader Radullan Sahiron was critically wounded, the military said.

    This brought to 14 the number of jihadists killed since security forces launched pursuit operations against the terrorist group that executed Jurgen Kantner.

    Kantner’s body was found in the village of Buanza in Indanan town Sunday.

    Sporadic clashes continued on Monday as security forces surrounded the enemies’ position.

    “Our operations continue. Actually, we have them surrounded, hopefully the result will be better later on,” Sobejana said.

    He admitted that soldiers are having a hard time because of the rough terrain.

    “Troops are buried up to the waist in mud because it is a mangrove area. It is really challenging. But the troops are there,” Sobejana added.

    “Right now we are holding their strongholds, they are outside their comfort zones, that’s why it’s easier for us to defeat them because they’ve been driven into areas where they do not enjoy the support of the community,” he said. Fernan Marasigan


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    1. i-neutralize ninyo iyong makikitang civilian na nasa gitna ng kagubatan or bundok, at akala mo mukhang tatatanga tanga at kawawa kunwari. siguradong Abu Sayyaf members iyon. nasa gitna ng masukal at liblib na lugar.

    2. John Chameleon on

      Extortion was proven to be a very lucrative business by the ASG and all terrorist groups around the world. NPA knows this. Even after the demise or obliteration of the ASG members inside the siege area, the bandit group will not die.

      Local politicians will simply organize a new one to ensure them of money sourcing from kidnapping, extortion and illegal drugs. Politics in the Philippines speak in money. Oligarchs and elites had proven this as they control the government under a laissez-faire that leave crime, corruption and illegal drugs surge.

      The government must stop these adventurous politicians from creating another terrorist group which they can also use as a link to international terrorist group for them to become beneficiaries of terror operations fund.

      But if the intelligence gathering remains myopic in range due to corruption, then ASG will stay forever and continue to bring down the economic and social condition down while generously collecting money that will be shared by their sponsors and also of some military officials..