Solenn Heusaff: ‘We’ll have a baby next year’



During her two-week stint as guest co-host on GMA Network’s “Unang Hirit,” Solenn Heusaff had no trouble blending in with the rest of the hosts of the longest-running morning show on Philippine TV. She especially got on with the female hosts, endlessly chatting with them about—you guessed it—women stuff.

“I really enjoy hosting the show! I appreciate the warmth everyone made me feel. Hosting a show like this is something new for me because unlike the others I’ve handled, it’s a public affairs show so we deal with a lot of varied topics. Another thing is I got to practice my Tagalog because Tagalog talaga ang spiels that we have to deliver. I really loved the experience,” she related happily.

Even if Solenn wanted to extend her hosting commitment, she was unable to do so because she’s leaving for Paris on Sunday with husband Nico Bolzico to attend a friend’s wedding. They will stay there for just a week though because Solenn has to be right back for pressing showbiz commitments. Yes, she’s starting a new show for GMA! It’s another hosting job but she can’t reveal the details yet.

Meanwhile, the rest of the year will see Solenn very busy with different projects. She is also slated to do another soap, besides the upcoming hosting stint and her ongoing cooking program “Taste Buddies,” which she immensely enjoys too.

“Because in Taste Buddies, I also get to travel to different parts of the Philippines since we feature famous delicacies from different regions,” Solenn quipped.

As if her showbiz schedule isn’t already full, the multi-hyphenate is also preparing for her solo painting exhibit in October. Titled “Kalsada,” her collection will capture different scenes with street kids, and proceeds from the pieces sold will go to a foundation for children roaming the streets.

“I have 17 paintings for the exhibit. I’ve already finished 14 and I am working on the remaining three pieces. Painting serves therapy for me—it relaxes me,” added Solenn.

With her hands full, Solenn has accepted the fact that it is not possible for her to get pregnant this year. She and Nico are thinking and planning to have their baby at a later time.

“We’ll have our baby next year,” she declared with confidence. “Since this is a busy year for me, it will be much better for me to get pregnant then.”

Solenn Heusaff

Apparently, it isn’t only Solenn busy with work right now. Even Nico has his hands full with work related to his agriculture business.

“We just bought a shrimp farm somewhere in the south,” revealed the proud wife. “So Nico is now busy attending to that. He also has other businesses so he’s so pre-occupied at present.”

Nevertheless, busy as they are Solenn and Nico see to it that they always have time for each other. Solenn plays her role as a wife dutifully since they decided not to employ a live-in helper.

“Our place is not big enough to accommodate an additional person,” Solenn explained. “But three times a week, somebody comes to the house to do the laundry and clean. I do the other house chores like cooking. I get up at 6 a.m. and make our breakfast. I cook other meals too like lunch and dinner. Most of the time, we have salad or pasta. Both of us are not really fond of going out at night so we just stay at home. We’re happy that way.”

* * *

Reigning Miss Global Angela Bonilla of Ecuador is in the country for the Miss Global Philippines 2017 pageant. She will sit as one of the judges at the coronation night on June 24. Angela is so excited for the task ahead as first-time judge.

She also shared with Showbuzz that her visit to the Philippines is something really looked forward to, and truly an unforgettable experience.

Reigning Miss Global Angela Bonilla of Ecuador

“I love the Philippines. It’s my second home. Like in Ecuador, my home country, people here are very warm, very friendly. I have actually made a lot of friends the first time I came here last year for the Miss Global international pageant.”

Besides judging the pageant, Angela is also helping the Miss Global Philippines Organization in its advocacy of promoting tourism.

“I really want to tell the world how beautiful the Philippines is and I can attest to that. Last year, when we went to Bohol as part of our activities in Miss Global, I almost cried when I saw the island. It’s so beautiful. It’s something we don’t have back home. I want the people of the world to know that the Philippines is very beautiful and the people here are very nice.”

Angela is excited to visit Boracay and Palawan next week, her first in both popular Philippine tourist spots.

“I’ve heard a lot of good things about Boracay and Palawan and I believe they are all true. I have seen these places in pictures but I know they will be more beautiful in person,” she enthused.

It did Angela a lot of good winning Miss Global 2016.

“It helped me in my professional work as a model and actress. I did a lot of commercials, and I got offers for acting projects but I can’t accept them yet because I still have to fulfill my duties as Miss Global. I will entertain the offers when I go back to Ecuador,” she related.

While in the Philippines, is she open to opportunities that may come?

“Why not?” the beauty queen replied. “It would be an honor for me to do projects here. I am even willing to learn Tagalog if needed.”

In the meantime, Angela is scheduled to guest in some GMA shows like “Wowowin,” “Sunday Pinasaya,” “Eat Bulaga” and “Unang Hirit” to promote the pageant.

* * *

Gabby Concepcion looked recharged when Showbuzz visited him at the taping of the top-rating afternoon series “Ika-6 Na Utos.” Showbuzz told him he looked fresh to which he replied he had just returned from a one week vacation in his Batangas beach house.

“I took advantage of our one week break from taping. It wasn’t just me who went on vacation. Sunshine (Dizon) went to Japan with her kids and I think Rich (Asuncion) also went out of town,” said Gabby.

Gabby was able to rest and bond with his family and some friends. He shared he also showed off some of his cooking skills whipping up special meals for everyone.

Videoke was also part of the vacation activities. In fact, posted in Gabby’s social media account, was a video showing him singing “Come What May,” his duet with former wife Sharon Cuneta sang to promote their first movie “Dear Heart.”

Now that everyone in the show is back to work, Gabby feels energized and more excited.

“The twists in the story make our series more exciting,” he exclaimed.

Now on its seventh month, Ika-6 Na Utos is still on top of the ratings game and enjoying a huge following. Gabby cannot be happier.

“I believe it’s because of the story na talagang controversial. Another thing, the development in the story is so natural. Hindi pilit at hindi paikot-ikot. Add to these the fact that some of our characters here have our own issues so nakakadagdag yun sa interest ng viewers and getting them hooked.”

* * *

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