• Solenn supports random drug test for celebrities



    Plus: A network’s new ‘monster’ host

    Guess who? A not so young actress-host is being called the new monster in a network. She wants to have a say as to who can and cannot guest in her show.

    One time, a popular love team was supposed to guest in their show to promote a new project but the actress-host put her foot down, and said no they can’t. The reason? People have been saying that the love team has eclipsed the popularity of another love team, whose male half is related to the actress host.

    Negative! That’s the result of Solenn Heussaff’s drug test from a few weeks ago.

    The actress decided to undergo voluntary testing to prove that she is not a user of any kind of illegal substance. This was after some tabloid columnists insinuated she is part of the still undisclosed list of celebrity drug users in the hands of President Duterte.

    Solenn Heusaff

    Solenn Heusaff

    “There are so many things happening these days and you’ll never know what’s going to come out in articles. Siyempre naman tabloid ‘yan [Since the issue was written in a tabloid] I didn’t really want to dignify the story, but when I saw that two or three other articles came out saying the same thing, I told myself I’ll just do it on my own to put the issue to rest,” she said.

    Solenn swears illegal drugs are not her thing – not for a fitness buff like her. She’s not even a party goer, and spends whatever free time she has at home painting.

    “Of course, when you’re accused of anything you know you don’t do, it isn’t a nice feeling. But I won’t say that I was really affected because I have nothing to be afraid of. I know myself and I know the truth so I just decided to take the test so these people will know they really have nothing on me,” Solenn told Showbuzz.

    That out of the way, Solenn has returned her complete focus on work, what with her hands full at the moment. She has four TV shows, and just released her new self-titled album which took more than a year to finish.

    “But it’s worth it. You’ll like my songs,” she promised. “I have seven songs in the album and it has two Filipino songs, ‘Pangako’ and ‘Lalayo.’ I don’t know, but I’ve been listening to Tagalog songs a great deal lately. I really enjoy them.”

    Showbuzz then asked if the newly married Solenn’s hubby, Nicco Bolzico, listens to her album?

    “No, I don’t ask him to,” she replied with a laugh. “Although he hears at least songs that I practice at home. But I don’t sing to him… I don’t know, I just don’t feel comfortable.

    “Actually he wanted me to sing when we were in a hotel a couple of days ago. Ayoko, I just said that we should let the singer in the lounge have her night.”

    But does Nicco sing to her? Solenn gave a somewhat naughty smile before answering the question.

    “No, no, no, his voice is super ugly!” she laughed again. “He raps in Spanish when he wants to make me laugh, and when I’m in a bad mood. Believe me, he will not be a singer, ever!”

    Turning serious, the blushing new bride said she cannot ask for more in a husband. He lets her enjoy life, and is so broadminded he understands even the very sexy photos that she posts on her Instagram account.

    “He’s actually used to my craziness. Even the last one that went viral where I had a huge hat covering my naked body, I just did it for fun. I sent it to him before I posted it on Instagram, not to ask for his permission but just to show him. ‘Look what we’re doing in Bali!’ He said, ‘Go post it on Instagram, and I’ll do the same!’”

    With regards to having a baby, the Kapuso It Girl said that although Nicco has been ready for three years now, she’s the one who still isn’t.

    “I don’t want a child right now but I do in the near future. Of course my biological clock is ticking already so I don’t mean like five years from now,” she enthused.

    If there’s a part of her career, which she enjoys right now is her role in Encantadia as Cassiopea.

    “When the role was given to me, I was thinking it would be easy because I supposedly have no dialogue. But Direk Mark Reyes said that this time, Cassiopea can talk and I will have to learn the Enchan language.

    “I was also told that I cannot fake it because the ‘Encantadicts’ will know. So I had to memorize the Enchan alphabet and learn the language, which I find easier now.”

    Solenn is so proud that Encantadia is doing very well, with the production getting good feedback from the viewers and registering high on the ratings.

    “I never doubted that we will rate with the effort that everyone in the production puts in—it’s really admirable,” she ended.

    It’s not only Jennylyn Mercado who is busy promoting her album Ultimate. She’s getting a lot of help from special friend Dennis Trillo who doesn’t seem to get tired posting about it on his Instagram account.

    Even in his interviews, Dennis promotes Jen’s album which, he said, showcases the singer-actress’ new sound.

    “In this album, she was free to experiment and collaborate with other artists like Christian Bautista, Silent Sanctuary and the result was just awesome. I am very proud that she was able to come up with this kind of album,” Dennis beamed with pride.

    Jennylyn, on the other hand, must be very proud of Dennis too. He just received the Asian Star Prize from the Seoul International Drama Festival in Korea for his exceptional performance in the soap My Faithful Husband. He is the first Filipino to be given this award, earning him the new title “Drama King of Asia.”

    For Dennis though, titles are not really important. “They can call me anything, but at the end of the day, it’s your performance that will matter—it’s how you deliver.

    “The award that I received, it’s not only for me but for everyone I worked with in My Faithful Husband who really gave their best to come up with a very good show. And, of course, the award is also for the Filipino. I went to Korea representing the Philippines and received the honor as a proud Filipino.”

    There are talks that GMA is toying with the idea of doing a spin-off of Dennis’ successful late night series with Heart Evangelista, My Juan Happy Love Story. The series was such a hit that the network just might turn it into a weekly series.

    “I’m happy they thought of a spin-off. I think they saw that there are still many things that can be done in the story. It will be a good weekly series.”

    Meanwhile, as he waits for his new project with GMA, Dennis is busy promoting his movie Bakit Lahat ng Guapo, May Boyfriend. He had a pictorial with co-stars Paolo Ballesteros and Anne Curtis for the movie’s layout and publicity.

    Until now, Dennis cannot get over Paolo’s comic talent, which he describes as very natural and effortless.

    “Pao is so funny. He does a lot of ad libs in our scenes and it’s really very effective in making the movie funnier.”

    Did you know that one of the reasons the Philippines’ Jeslyn Santos won the Miss United Continents crown is because she spoke in fluent Spanish during the question and answer portion?

    Showbuzz got to chat with her when she returned to the country this week. Apparently, Jeslyn will have a couple of months here at home until she returns to Ecuador to fulfill her duties in December.

    And by the way, did you also know that she gets to keep her crown even after she ends her reign, with a price tag of $15,000? The priceless headdress is studded with real gems like rubies, amethyst, emeralds and sapphires. This of course is besides the $10,000 cash prize she won for the tilt.

    Congratulations Jeslyn and mabuhay!

    SHORTS… Until now, Ryza Cenon can’t believe she was able to do all the sexy scenes in her movie with Martin Del Rosario, Manananggal Sa Room 23B. She did a very erotic love scene with one of her male co-stars. There was breast exposure, which she did for the first time in her career, as well as a masturbation scene. Mananaggal Sa Room 23B is an entry to the Quezon City International Film Festival which beginns on October 13…

    …Derrick Monasterio shocked those who watched Oh Boy! at the Music Museum last weekend when he sung the Italian aria “Nessun Dorma” from Giacomo Puccini’s opera Tirandot. People were so impressed that they’re still talking about how good a singer Derrick is days later.


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