Solid proof of BS Aquino’s narcissism


On the official gazette and the government’s website, I finally found and read yesterday a full English translation of President BS Aquino’s sixth and final state of the nation address on July 27. I thought I owed it to His Excellency and to my readers to read the thing since I often take issue with his policies and pronouncements and the lack of an English text of his more important addresses

Reading the SONA was a punishing experience, but surely not as hard as delivering it. Mr Aquino had one advantage; during the address, he let selected citizens and civil servants take the stage to give testimonials about the straight path – almost like believers in a revivalist meeting talking of their conversion and salvation. He also peppered the address with expression of thanks to everyone who has touched his life.

Don’t be taken by this seeming generosity in letting others take the stage, and share in the accolades.

In fact, they are further proof of the President’s invincible narcissism, or his narcissistic personality disorder (NPD), as psychiatrists would clinically describe it.

Because I was the first to suggest that Mr. Aquino may be afflicted with NPD, thanks to one eagle-eyed and generous reader, I have continue to gather

clues, symptoms and evidences of it in the President’s statements and behavior.

Aquino’s dialogue with himself
To my great surprise, I found one treasure trove in my files and notebooks. I’m kicking myself for not discovering it sooner. It will make you smile and laugh.

My source is a column by my Times colleague, columnist Efren Danao, who usually writes about happenings and what’s not happening in the houses of C Congress.

In a column he wrote on September 17 last year, entitled “BS Aquino loves to listen– to himself,” Efren narrates how the president redefined the meaning of the word “dialogue” in a major event in Malacañang.

He wrote:
“There was something absolutely wrong when President BS Aquino The Last, I mean The Third, conducted last week in Malacañang what was billed as an “agenda-setting dialogue” with his allies.

“No, it was not the absence of Vice President Jejomar Binay who still has to bare his true political color. Rather, the anomaly was that it was only the President who spoke in that supposed ‘dialogue.’ Whoever heard of a dialogue where only one spoke and the rest only listened? Only in the ‘tuwid na daan’ of the Aquino administration!

“That ‘dialogue’ is reflective of the mindset of the Malacañang tenant. He wants his allies to listen to him but he seldom wants to hear their voice. He tells them what agenda to follow, like a dictator ordering his minions when to breathe and when not to breathe. He is so full of himself, so convinced of his own intelligence and ‘good intentions’ that he sees no need to listen to others, allies and critics alike.

“I’ve ceased to wonder why the President avoids convening the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (Ledac) even if his more scholarly or more hard-working predecessors had regularly done so to help them set a list of legislative priorities. Why meet with a group of advisers when only he can determine what these priorities are? That’s just a waste of his precious time that he can devote more of to playing computer games. After all, he can always rely on his spineless allies to follow his bidding. If they do nothing because he gives no order, doesn’t that give them a semblance of ‘independence?’ “

Efren concludes his piece with a question: “Who will tell BS Aquino that he isn’t always right, that he doesn’t know everything? He engages nobody in a dialogue. While he claims to listen to his ‘Boss,’ he does so only when the ‘Boss’ says things that coincide with his own.”

Judging by his SONA last Monday, it’s clear that nobody dared to tell him that he doesn’t know everything, and that his presidency is no gift to this country and has inflicted pain and suffering over the past five years.

The people he paraded to speak during his SONA are prime examples of the only bosses he will listen to, and the only verdict he will accept.

Of course, he tolerates and welcomes the clapping of his bosses while he speaks. He likes these so much, he ordered 157 rounds of applause during the SONA.

A monument, a tomb, and a defense
The Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) is a monument to Aquino’s narcissism. It signifies his vainglory and his total lack of scruples. His administration invented it so he can have greater access to public funds, and he virtually went to war against the High Court over it.

Eventually, the DAP will also become his tomb, when the charges against him over the DAP are filed next year.

The Supreme Court gave us its landmark DAP decision as a gift and a balm to national frustration, but it also hinted at a possible defense for the narcissist. “I did it in good faith.”

Meanwhile, our Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, despite her pretenses to independence, has made busy with creating another fallback defense for Aquino. While the president already enjoys immunity from suit for his acts in office, Morales has exonerated him of wrongdoing in the Mamasapano massacre. The narcissist will be able to say that he was exonerated in advance of the charges.

Attendees of the dialogue that turned into a monologue, especially if they are top officials of the Senate and the House, will have to explain in future how they could tolerate such a travesty at the Palace.

Where was their self-respect. We the people thought your were his partners and co-equals in the legislature.


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  1. Amnata Pundit on

    Use of drugs like shabu and cocaine can induce narcissism, and if one is already one, drugs will exacerbate the condition. Whether one is a drug addict or not, the remedy is the same: the victim must be locked up for rehab. Better if the victim whoever he is, is under solitary confinement being made to watch videos of Ferdinand Marcos giving speeches, everyday. If you do that to Boy Sayad, he will be cured in no time, Im sure.

  2. “Speak your truth quietly and clearly; and listen to others, even to the dull and the ignorant; they too have their story.”!

    • My late uncle once told me to the effect that the next guy will always be your teacher in one field of endeavor or activity.

  3. “Narcissists are notorious for having one way communication…they do all the talking and none of the listening.
    Narcissists don’t talk or communicate; they fend off. They hide and evade and disguise. They lecture, badger and preach. They
    perfect the ability to say nothing in lengthy speeches. Their speech is crowded with first person pronouns (“I”, “me”, “my”,
    “mine”). A conversation with a narcissist is always about their needs, wants and thoughts. A normal conversation requires give and take between two people but with a narcissist there is only one person that matters in their world. The narcissists’ egos are self inflated and full of grandiosity; it is common for them to lie to further inflate their egos and accomplishments.

    Narcissists never talk to others – rather, they talk at others.
    Theirs is a world where communication is permitted only with oneself, and the aim of language is to throw others off the scent. Narcissists put language to different uses: not to communicate but to obscure, not to share but to abstain, not to learn but to defend and resist, to disagree without incurring wrath, to criticize without commitment, to agree without appearing to do so.”

    Alexander Burgemeester

    The narcissist thrives on lies and depends upon secrecy. Freedom of Information was never going to happen under Pnoy Aquino – it goes against his core need for personal secrecy/privacy. He would be more interested in everything being an official secret, and having a cybercrime bill for spying on others. The warped mind and hypocricy of the narcissist at work.

    Pnoy Aquino will also find it hard to give Mar Roxas space/freedom on the campaign/talking trail, and will even want to be a ‘back seat’ president post 2016, should Roxas win courtesy of PCOS.
    The narcissist finds it hard to let go, and to believe that anyone else is as good as he is.

    Mar Roxas biggest obstacle could well turn out to be an interfering narcissist who likes the sound of his own voice.

    • Gotta say, i really look forward to reading your postings, very insightful and on the money.

  4. Wala namang ginawa sa kapakanan ng masa si NOYTARD.Ang ginawa lang ni ABNOY ay dumaldal,manisi,maghiganti,magnoynoying, magtamad. manuhol, magprotekta sa mga KKK at manigarilyo ng GAGO.

    • Eh bakit nyo sya binoto? At bakit nyo pinayagan ang PCOS na magdeklara na sya ang “nanalo”? Ayaw nyo pala si simyon eh di bakit hindi kayo nag alsa?


  5. “We the people thought your were his partners”

    They were Aquino’s partners the minute they took those 50 million peso bribes to impeach the sitting chief justice of the supreme court Corona.

    Partners in crime.

  6. Noynoy’s sycophants will not dare say anything he doesn’t want to hear. They love their jobs more than anything.

    • correct…it is money that theyare afterall….cause they can never have that anymore chance of looting our treasury if is not abnoy on the line who has no brains afterall.