sad are these lines without your pensive eyes
to browse over or to look upon them
like the lilting stars in the boundless skies
that when man’s wonder’s gone they do not gleam
sad are these lines without understanding
him who bleeds his heart in this empty page
he who does nothing but to write and sing
his yearnings fashioned with romantic rage
and if your heart beloved will not be moved
by these words that he bears like thorns within
his breast… within his bosom unreproved
in silence himself to confine unseen
till the years will pass as the world turns ‘round
and this in my grave something to be found

that firmament used to be so empty
i only gaze at it to draw some words
perhaps wonder at the stars and the moon
to complete my so-called syllabled flight
and then you came in that golden moment
when i am gray with longing for someone
but you are so distant and yet tender
uncertain too like a changing season
because i mayhap am too savvy with
mixed metaphors and words of endearment
you breathe the sunrise and i the sunset
somewhere in between our voices are songs
your smile and laughter are sweet lyric sighs
burning embers or fireflies in my poems
if you only knew how dear to me now
your eyes of summer and lips of autumn


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