Soliman accountable for food wastage


    Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. said Social Welfare and Development Secretary Corazon “Dinky” Soliman should answer for the wastage of food packs and sacks of rice that were intended for recent typhoon victims.

    The relief goods have been found buried in Dagami, Leyte.

    “Soliman had admitted the rice and food packs were from the DSWD warehouses but clarified that they were intended to be distributed to those affected by typhoon Ruby and typhoon Glenda last year and not for survivors of super-typhoon Yolanda,” Marcos said.

    Soliman said her department is conducting its own investigation into why the relief goods were not given out.

    “Secretary Soliman cannot simply toss the responsibility for this mess to her underlings; she is the one ultimately responsible,” Marcos asserted.

    He added that last year, the Commission on Audit (COA) also reported the spoilage of an estimated P2.8 million-worth of relief goods intended for Yolanda survivors in 2013.

    “The DSWD claimed it has learned its lesson and even acquired a mechanized repacking system and yet, this unconscionable wastage of relief goods continues to happen,” Marcos lamented.

    “According to Soliman, the goods buried in the area are no longer fit for human consumption. Initial reports estimate that about 500 sacks of spoiled rice were disposed of in a 10-feet wide, 15-feet deep hole dug in Dagami. Can you imagine how many typhoon victims the DSWD could have helped with such amount of relief goods? Surely, those responsible for this are unfit as public servants. Someone should be held accountable,” the senator stressed.

    Vice President Jejomar Binay also lambasted Soliman, saying such negligence “borders on criminal neglect.”

    “Thousands of Filipinos suffer from hunger every day, especially those affected by calamities, and yet we have a government that allowed food to rot,” Binay said. “What’s more disappointing is that this was not the only time food for calamity victims had gone to waste,” he added.

    In its 2014 report, COA said the DSWD had been left with undistributed and expired or about-to-expire relief goods worth P141 million.

    “The admission by Secretary Soliman only highlights the reality that she has failed to provide the department the efficiency and compassion required in providing immediate aid to calamity victims,” Binay said. “She has opted instead to play politics, placing premium on advancing the candidacy of the LP [Liberal Party] candidate over the more urgent needs of the poor.”

    In its audit report, COA found out that DSWD bought and accepted relief goods without considering the absorptive capacity and condition of the warehousing facilities and personnel, available stocks, shelf life or expiry dates and the actual needs of the victims.
    This led to overstocking and spoilage of the goods.

    In the same report, COA mentioned that of the P1.151 billion local and foreign cash donations the DSWD received from November 2013 to December 2014, 33 percent or P382.072 million had been unused and kept in DSWD bank accounts.

    “This is a gross disservice to both the calamity victims who needed all the assistance they could get, and the taxpayers and donors who contributed to the government’s calamity fund,” Binay said.

    “In times of disaster, government should be able to provide immediate relief to the victims. There’s no room for dilly-dallying. Their survival largely depends on government’s ability to extend the needed assistance,” he added.
    The food wastage also enraged Anakpawis party-list.

    “It is highly unacceptable that human error was the cause of the spoilage. This is not human error, it is in fact the product of systematic incompetency and negligence to calamity victims by the DSWD and the Aquino government,” Rep. Fernando Hicap said.

    “The 284 sacks of rice will come a long way if were not left to rot by DSWD regional office.
    What happened to the huge amount of budget allocated by the Aquino government to the DSWD that it cannot provide adequate warehouse for relief goods?” Hicap asked.

    “The sins of DSWD chief Dinky Soliman to calamity victims are unfathomable. She should be held accountable to all the sufferings she inflicted to all calamity victims under her stint namely typhoons Ruby, Seniang, Pablo and super typhoon Yolanda,” he added.


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    1. Dapat dyan sa mag amo na yan ay ipakulong dahil sa kapabayaan nila at pagdadamot sa hindi nila kakampi sa partido.

    2. Jinky Soliman is a deviant manipulator of the Aquino administration. I don’t know how she can sleep at night with a corrupt conscience and at the same time, feed her family with all the ill-gotten earnings that she takes home. What a disgrace to the human race. I can’t wait for this inept government that had been fooling the Filipino people for almost eight years now to disappear. It’s time for this administration to go and time for Jinky Soliman to go to hell!

    3. Sabi…nun ni Noy noy walang nasisirang pag kain..di totoo yun mga balita ninanakaw pa pag kain..bigay ng ibang bansa ready na bakit kasi pi napaking pa…di naman galing satin yan..kc kaya nila pina paking mga donation may nakawan..kita .Mapa media din..dapat bigay kung bigay..

    4. Tha crying lady of GMA cabinet na kulay kulasisi ang buhok, di ka na nga umobra sa GMA admin at paiyak iyak ka pa tapos nagsipsip ka sa Liberal party para maging cabinet sec. ni pnoy pero di ka pa rin nagbago at nagalit pa ngayon sa u ang Pope. Mahiya ka naman!!!!!

    5. Mga tarantado itong mga namumuno sa gobyerno ng pilipinas lalo na yang Dinky Soliman na yan. Grabe hindi man lang naaawa na dami daming taong nagugutom sa pilipinas lalo na mga bata sa buong pilipinas na namamatay nalang dahil sa kawalan ng pagkain. Tapos itong hinayupak na DSWD hinayaang mabulok ang pagkain. Bakit hindi ibinigay kaagad na para naman tlaga sa mga taong mahihirap at biktima ng kalamidad ang mga yon? Nag-iisip pa siguro kung paano nila kukurakutin ang mga yon na hindi halata. Sana ang KARMA dadating kaagad sa mga yan mga tiwaling empleyado ng gobyerno na walang alam kung hindi mangurakot.

    6. Oh yessiree, she can toss the responsibility for the food wastage mess to her underlings, just as easy as her STAND DOWN commander-in-chief boss dumped to the shitter the principle of command responsibility in the death of the ’44’ to the generals.

    7. With so many incompetents and insensitive people running this country, I wonder how much more damage they can do in another 6 months. The people are brewing yet Aquino still thinks he is doing a great job allowing his KKK to do whatever they want or maybe he is so confident because he got something up his sleeve.

    8. “Soliman had admitted the rice and food packs were from the DSWD warehouses but clarified that they were intended to be distributed to those affected by typhoon Ruby and typhoon Glenda last year and not for survivors of super-typhoon Yolanda,” Marcos said.

      Soliman said her department is conducting its own investigation into why the relief goods were not given out.

      >> Ang sistema ng DSWD tuald ng ginawa nila noon sa mga relief goods and foods came from USA, China, etc. ay hinadati-hati, at binabasa ang mga expiration date daw at NIRI-REPACK. AT ANG PAGLALAGYAN NA PLASTIC o PAPER BAGS o CARTON BOXES AY KAILANGAN MAY “DILAW NA RIBON LOGO NG AQUINO GOVERNMENT”.


    9. Peter Gonzales on

      Dirty Donkey(ass) Soliman should be jailed for this grossly criminal and incompetent behavior of the public official. She is a social cancer to society.

    10. Sana naman..DSWD nxt time hindi nalang kau manghingi nang donation dahil hindi naman kaya ninyong ipaabot sa mga bictima..kawawa naman.
      Tsaka sayang ang mga donation nasisira lang pala..sa mga magdonate idiritso nalang cguro sa mga lugar na apektado para cgurado..salamat

      • conchita gabucan on

        ang daming ngo’s dyan na pwede nilang i tap para magdistribute ng relief goods kung kulang sila sa tauhan nila. Nung pumunta kami sa Leyte naawa kami sa mga tao kasi kulang talaga yung bigas na pinamigay namin tapos eto tinapon lang. My goodness kayo!

    11. Leodegardo Pruna on

      Dinky should really be made to answer for the wastage and corruption involving her department being the head. She may have used the receipts for the daily changing of colors of her hair. Just too bad that the once crying cabinet of GMA is now the spoiled brat of P-Noy. God bless the Philippines.

    12. One suspicion is Dinky Soliman purposely subjected those food packs and rice to the elements to spoil them and get them wasted. Says here that the DSWD she leads already repacked them for alleged distribution to typhoon victims. One suspects that she sat aside the imported foodstuff, replaced them with local, cheap equivalents and accusations were afoot that the DSWD replaced the imoorted stuff with local one’s Soliman had them stocked some place where it cannot be seen or discovered, forgot about it and when she learned that all of them spoiled, had them buried.

      • I heard some goods spoiled waiting for a high ranking government official to show up for a picture taking handover.

    13. Walang awa sa kapwa! Dapat sa mga ganyan eh ikulong at pakainin ng panis o gutumin para marandaman niya ang nararandaman ng mga mahihirap na pinagkaitan niya ng tulong na hindi naman galing sa kanya. Tamad at walang malasakit.

      • Fired and locked up. DSWD is a joke. The people suffer because they lie and fail to do their job. The world donated money and supplies yet the politicians and government agencies only steal or misuse it for their own benefit! Locked them all up in prison.

    14. Rodan Guerrero on

      Dinky Soliman is a TERMITE who enjoyed 2 administrations. I am praying very hard and hope so much the Almighty will grant my prayers: ” THIS SMALL BUT TERRIBLE TERMITE MUST GO WITH BSA AND ROT IN JAIL”

      • she was kicked out in the GMA government due to incompetence and corruption. I just don’t get it why Noynoy the most corrupt president ever, have to appoint her again in the same agency she failed to run before

    15. Manny De Guzman on

      Ang problema bakit pinayagan pa ng GUNGGONG NA president na magpatuloy pa sa tungkulin ang HAYOP NA BABAENG ito gayong incompetenet nga. Wala naming ipagmamalaki sa ginawa kundi KABABUYAN lang. Kapit BABOY sa poder dahil marami siyang nkukupit.NAPAKAHAYOP talaga ang BABOY NA ITO.SA PAGMUMUKHA PA PANG LANG AY HINDI KAPANIPANIWALA ANG GINAGAWA. DAPAT DITO KULONG NG HANBANG BUHAY KAPALIT NG LIBONG NAGUGUTOM SA ONDOY AT YOLANDA. BITAYIN KAYA NG PATIWARIK. IPAKAIN SA MGA KATULAD NYANG OSTRICH.

      • Kahit kelan may mga taong walang puso,maraming nagugutuman na mga tao dahil bulok na sistema ng tao. Ang budget din na pabahay sa San Rafael patnongon antique phils,may mga taong pinadala sila galing Cavite pa para mag construct ng mga pabahay yolanda doon. Pero saan ang pera walang mga sahod ang trabahador saksi ako dahil isa sa constructor nila bayaw ko. Hirap at unit ng araw ang sinakripisyo ng mga tao tapos walang sweldo.Saan ang hustisya