• Soliman condemns groups for ‘using children’


    Social Welfare and Development Secretary Corazon ‘Dinky’ Juliano-Soliman condemned non-government organizations (NGO) and faith-based groups in the Davao region who use indigenous children in rallies as this compromises not only the children’s welfare, but also their rights. She said her office will be sending letters to these organizations to appeal to spare the children from such activities.


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    1. Ikabod Bubwit on

      Donkey Soliman again reared her ugly head !!! This number one bitch is the cause of the sufferings of millions of the Yolanda victims by refusing them help. Now she is accusing others of using children in protesting the closure of the Lumad schools. Well, if I was one of those kids I will not need anyone to use me to protest because I will be in the frontline protesting the closure of my school. Donkey Soliman is making an excuse about these children being used when what she should do is to ensure that they are able to go to school. Donkey is a real bitch !!!

    2. Catalino Garcia on

      Soliman condemns group for using children says Dinky. What a joke! She has other plans like maybe hide the children sa Makati Peninsula.