Solo lotto winner claims P43 million jackpot prize


A solo winner in the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office’s (PCSO) MegaLotto draw has already claimed the P43 million jackpot prize.

According to PCSO General Manager Jose Ferdinand M. Rojas 2nd, the solo winner is a 50 year-old male and a small time trader from Dumaguete City.

Rojas said the winner only bet P20 for the winning numbers which he got from the Birth dates of his children and siblings. He has been betting in lotto since 1995.

The December 27, 2013 MegaLotto 6/45 draw has the winning combination of 26-27-15-21-29-45 with a jackpot prize of P43,195,580.

According to the PCSO officials, the winner is so afraid to come to Manila to claim his winning prize as he might ended empty handed from people who will take advantage of him and his money.

He even left his wife and children to their province.

“Sobrang natatakot po ako Mam! baka madamay po pati aking pamilya sa mga taong maaring manloko po sa amin [I was so afraid that my family might be dragged by people who have evil plans on us],” the winner told a PCSO official.

When he arrived in Manila, the winner called up his two nephews to accompany him to claim the jackpot prize at the PCSO office in Pasay City.

“Kaya nagdasal po ako ng husto para gabayan ako ng Diyos [I really prayed so hard so that God will guide me],” he added.

But when he arrived at the PCSO office, he started to feel safe when he met a PCSO official who is also a Visayan and assured him there’s nothing to fear.

He also saw several security guards in the building which he felt much more safe.

After his winning ticket was validated and assisted by courteous employees of the national lottery agency, he was issued a check.

When he received his check, he cried hard for his answered prayer.

Rojas, on the other hand, said jackpot winners have nothing to fear, adding that they are safe at the PCSO.

He said winners may just come with his or her spouse or children, no need to get others.

The winner plans to invest his jackpot prize in business, shares this to his children and siblings and save for the future. RITCHIE A. HORARIO


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