• Solon asks House not to railroad BBL passage


    BUHAY Partylist Rep. Lito Atienza on Wednesday called on his colleagues at the House of Representatives not to railroad the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) in its current form because it is full of constitutional infirmities.

    “The Mamasapano incident should open all our eyes to the dangers of allowing a licensed armed group to be formed in the Bangsamoro area without any principle of control or accountability,” Atienza said.

    He added: “While it is said that they will be under the PNP command, aren’t they supposed to be under Philippine laws when the massacre happened? So you can see that we are treading on very fragile ground here. We cannot risk the stability and the security of the nation as one Republic with a BBL law that is obviously defective in many of its provisions.”

    “Article XVI, Section 6 of the Constitution states that there is to be only one police force, which shall be national in scope and civilian in character. No local government unit has ever been allowed to have its own local police force. When I was Mayor of the City of Manila, I proposed this several times but each attempt was turned down because it was unconstitutional. Does this mean that what was unconstitutional then is deemed constitutional now?” Atienza asked, adding, “If our policemen on an official mission to arrest a wanted criminal were murdered in that area, what happens if they will be allowed to have their own licensed armed group? Will anyone answer for this?”

    Atienza said: “Another important point is the fact that the BBL provides for a parliamentary form of government. Is it constitutional to have a parliamentary system of government for them within our own present presidential system?”

    But what is most bothersome, according to the lawmaker, is that the plebiscite will be conducted only among the people in the region who will benefit from the BBL implementation.

    “We should demand no less than a national plebiscite since this affects every Filipino, and not allow such a deviation from the Constitutional mandate,” he said.


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    1. How many lawmakers like LITO ATIENZA who look after the welfare of the nation. Look at F BELMONTE what does he tried to do fast track this BBL to please the president…

      Remember BBL is not the real answer to this conflict in MIDANAO. Any citizens in the country who possessed FIREARMS not licensed by the goverment is illegal. Why do these MILF have FIREARMS and not licensed by the goverment and create HOSTILITIES in the south. PEACE will be attained only if these terrorist will be disarm and dismantle all these base camps.

      The goverment will have general CENSUS across the country and first start in MINDANAO. You can determine the families and dependents all over. Now we can determine the real number of citizens, in MINDANAO.You can start the PEACE process. ONLY in the PHILIPPINES that a rebel can demand what the wish. Whoever these negotiator from the goverment turned their back in favor of the REBELS. Have you see any democratic goverment cave in to the demands of REBELS, only in the PHILIPPINES.

    2. If the Congress railroads the passage of the BBL then it will be showing its true color.
      It will be proof that It has effectively been corrupted by Pinoy with DAP/PDAF. The Executive and Congress will prove to be endorsing and passing the BBL which has a lot of unconstitutional provisions. If this happens then the people will once again have grounds for expelling Pinoy and Congress and rise up and go for a whole regime change. The Yellow revolution has to go.

    3. jaime hernandez on

      The BBL favors the Muslim group who can control everything, while our govt can only agree & favor the other side. Pnoy’s insistence to pass this one-sided deal is alarming. His legacy of indeciveness will not help .Remember we lost 44 fallen heroes. It looks like he didn’ even noticed. He even insulted the grieving families. He is an idiot who must resign now.

    4. Crisostomo Ibarra on

      Yup, don’t rush the BBL. Any amendments to the constitution should be subjected to a national plebiscite.

    5. Lito Atienza, The BBL is not just a law. It is a constitution for the south that outlines its powers and interaction with the north. Make every sentence, paragraph, and section conform to the Philippine Constitution. Delete everything not conforming to the constitution. Do what Congress is supposed to do.